2011 National Football League Fixtures

The glamour meeting of newly-crowned All-Ireland champions Cork and Kerry will ensure a high-profile launch to the National Football League on Sunday, February 6.  The National Football League actually starts on Saturday, February 5 when Armagh and Dublin meet in Division 1, and Laois face Meath, and Donegal square up to Sligo in Division 2.  A large number of games will be played under lights.  Leitrim have four home games with Clare, Wicklow, Fermanagh and Carlow and four away games against Kilkenny, London, Longford and Roscommon.  Full details of all Division 4 Fixtures are listed below.

National Football League (Division 4)

Sunday Feb 6 (2.30):

Div 4: (Rd 1) London v Kilkenny, Leitrim v Clare, Longford v Roscommon, Carlow v Wicklow, Fermanagh Bye.

Sun Feb 13th (2.30):

Div 4 (Rd 2): London v Roscommon, Clare v Kilkenny, Leitrim v Wicklow, Carlow v Fermanagh, Longford Bye.

Sat Feb 19:

Div 4 (Rd 3) (7.30): Fermanagh v Longford.

Sun 20 Feb:

NFL Div 4 (Rd 3) (2.30): Kilkenny v Leitrim, Roscommon v Carlow, Wicklow v London
Clare Bye

Sun 27 Feb:
NFL Div 4 (Rd 4) (2.30): Fermanagh v Wicklow, London v Leitrim, Longford v Kilkenny, Carlow v Clare
Roscommon Bye

Sun 13 March:
NFL Div 4 (Rd 5) (2.30): Wicklow v Longford, Roscommon v Fermanagh, Kilkenny v Carlow, Clare v London
Leitrim Bye

Sunday March 20
NFL Div 4 (Rd 6) (2.30): Clare v Roscommon, Leitrim v Fermanagh, London v Longford, Kilkenny v Wicklow
Carlow Bye

Sunday March 27
NFL Div 4 (Rd 7) (2.30): Wicklow v Roscommon, Leitrim v Carlow, Clare v Longford, Kilkenny v Fermanagh
London Bye

Sunday April 3
NFL Div 4 (Rd 8) (2.30): Longford v Leitrim, Roscommon v Kilkenny, Carlow v London, Fermanagh v Clare
Wicklow Bye

Sunday April 10
NFL Div 4 (Rd 9) (2.30): Roscommon v Leitrim, Wicklow v Clare, Longford v Carlow, Fermanagh v London
Kilkenny Bye



15-Oct-10 by Colette Fox – PRO