Code of Behaviour (Underage) 

This is the link to the current GAA Code of Behaviour (Underage)  Code of Behaviour (Underage) ( 

The current revised Code of Behaviour was launched on the 28th of December 2021 and we ask all Club Children’s Officers to be familiar with the contents of the Code and encourage the Club to inform their members, coaches, officials, and any person who is undertaking a role of responsibility with underage players of its contents.  

We also ask that each club to promote the Code of Behaviour (underage) on their social media platforms and upload it, without amendment, to their club website. 

This Code applies to all persons under 18 yrs. of age who participate in our games or other activities and to those who work with them and assist them in any capacity on our behalf. 

The Code of Behaviour has 11 sections, and each section can be downloaded individually.  

The Code of Behaviour has been agreed between each of the Gaelic Games Associations and that is the Code as referred to in rule. 


Section 1 Introduction 

Section 2 Child Safeguarding Risk Assessment & Child Safeguarding Statement 

Section 3 Maintaining Good Practice & Behaviour 

Section 4 Dealing with Alleged Breaches of the Code of Behaviour 

Section 5 Recruitment & Selection of Coaches, Supervisors & other Volunteers 

Section 7 Club & County Children’s Officer 

Section 8 Club & County Designated Liaison Person 

Section 9 Organising Club Activities for Underage Players 

Section 11 Dealing with Allegations or Concerns of Abuse 

Section 12 Tackling Bullying in your Club