The following are the various Convention Motions. Motions will be dealt with at Convention on Sunday, December 16th and the Meeting of Coiste Chontae Liatroma that will take place immediately following Convention.

Rúin  2018


Motion 1

That Árd Comhairle appoints a committee to consider the implementation of a TMO (Television Match Official) at major games where adequate television coverage is available. This system to be trialled during 2019 by monitoring the occasions and situations where such a system could be availed of. This committee to produce its recommendations with regard to its implementation at the end of the Championship season.

Seán Uí Eislín Béal an Átha Móir


Motion 1

All County Leagues

At the conclusion of the 2019 League playing season, Leagues to be restructured to into 6 divisions based on the following model:

Division 1        8 Teams

Division 2        8 Teams

Division 3        7 Teams

Reserve 1        8 Teams

Reserve 2        8 Teams

Reserve 3        7 Teams

Divisions 1-3 to contain only club first teams based on the respective finishing positions at the end of the 2019 playing season.

Reserve 1-3 to contain second and third teams based on the respective finishing positions at the end of the 2019 playing season.

Promotion and relegation would take place annually on a two up two down basis between Divisions 1 and 2 and 2 and 3. No relegation from Division 3.

Promotion and relegation would take place annually on a two up two down basis between Reserve 1-3. No promotion from Reserve 1.

Division 1-3

Two competitions to be played annually as follows:

Premier Competition which would involve 7 games in Divisions 1 and 2 and 6 games in Division 3. Promotion and relegation to be decided in this competition and all club’s players to be available for these rounds. Regular League titles to be awarded for these competitions with top 2 teams in each division contesting the respective finals.

Secondary Competition which would involve 7 games in Divisions 1 and 2 and 6 games in Division 3. These games to be played as reverse fixtures to the main competition with separate trophies, possibly to be named after significant former greats who have passed on, with top two teams contesting league finals. These games to be played while inter county season is in flow.

Reserve 1-3

One Competition to be played annually as follows:

This would involve 7 games in Divisions 4 and 5 and 6 games in Division 6. Promotion and relegation would be decided in this competition. Top 2 teams contest respective finals.

In all of the above League series Rule 6.21 TO 2018 shall be used to determine the places in the event of ties.

Current Competition Regulations to be amended accordingly.

Coiste Chontae Liatroma

Motion 2

Championships 2019-2021

Leitrim GAA proposes to commence the restructuring of the County Championships from the end of the 2019 season as follows with the stated intention of reviewing this model at the end of the 2021 season with a clear view towards proposing a further reduction of teams at each championship grades at the higher levels depending on standards of play and competitiveness:

Senior Football Championship

Seeded Draw for the 2019 Senior Football Championship (12 Teams)

Pot A   2018 Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot B    2018 Beaten Semi Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot C    2018 Beaten Quarter Finalist (4 Teams)

Pot D   2018 Remaining 3 Teams plus Intermediate Championship Winners 2018 (4Teams)

Competitions to be run with two groups of 6 teams, top 4 teams in each group to contest quarter finals etc as in 2018 (1 v 4, 2 v 3, 3 v 2, 4 v 1) and competitions to conclude with open draw for semi finals.

Teams in 5th and 6th places in each Group will play two relegation semi finals 5th v 6th across respective groups. Defeated semi finalists relegated; semi finalist winners play relegation final with defeated team also relegated. Result: 3 teams will be relegated to IFC 2020.

Net Result: 10 Teams in SFC 2020 to be played in two groups of 5.

2020 Senior Football Championship

Two Groups of 5 with each team playing each other in round robin series. Top placed team in each group to qualify for the semi-finals. The second and third-placed teams will play each other in quarterfinals (2 v 3, 3 v 2). Open draw in semi finals with top placed teams after group stages kept apart in this draw. Bottom placed team in each group to play each other in the relegation final with the defeated team to be relegated.

Seeding 2020

Pot A   2019 Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot B    2019 Beaten Semi Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot C    2019 Beaten Quarter Finalists (4 Teams)

Pot D   2019 Remaining Team plus Intermediate Championship Winners 2019 (2Teams)

Seeding for 2021 to be modified to reflect the relative stability of the current structure.

Intermediate Football Championship

Seeded Draw for the 2019 Intermediate Football Championship (12 Teams)

Pot A   2018 Beaten Finalist + Relegated 2018 SFC Team (2 Teams)

Pot B    2018 Beaten Semi Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot C    2018 Beaten Quarter Finalist (4 Teams)

Pot D   2018 Remaining 3 Teams plus Junior A Championship Winners 2018 (4Teams)

Competitions to be run with two groups of 6 teams, top 4 teams in each group to contest quarter finals etc as in 2018 (1 v 4, 2 v 3, 3 v 2, 4 v 1) and competitions to conclude with open draw for semi finals.

Teams in 5th and 6th places in each Group will be relegated to Junior A for the following year. Intermediate Championship Winners to be promoted to Senior and Junior A Football Championship Winners 2019 will not promoted to Intermediate for 2020 only.

Net Result: 10 Teams in IFC 2020 to be played in 2 Groups of 5.

2020 Intermediate Football Championship

Two Groups of 5 with each team playing each other in round robin series. Top placed team in each group to qualify for the semi finals. The second and third placed teams will play each other in quarter finals (2 v 3, 3 v 2). Open draw in semi finals with top placed teams after group stages kept apart in this draw. Bottom placed team in each group to play each other in relegation final with losing team to be relegated. Seeding to be maintained as suggested for 2019 with modifications.

Seeding 2020

Pot A   2019 Beaten Finalist + 3 Relegated Teams from SFC 2019 (4 Teams)

Pot B    2019 Beaten Semi Finalists (2 Teams)

Pot C    2019 Beaten Quarter Finalists (4 Teams)

Seeding for 2021 to be modified to reflect the relative stability of the current structure.

Junior A Football Championship 2019 (11 Teams)

Two Groups of 4 Teams and one Group of 3 teams.

A round robin series to be played and concluded as normal, with top team in each of the 2 groups of 4 qualifying for the semi finals. First and second placed teams in the group of 3 plays a second placed team in the groups of 4 (open draw) in quarter finals. Semi finals draw to ensure that teams from same group do not meet at this stage. Teams in 3rd and 4th places in groups of 4 and 3rd place in group of 3 will be relegated to Junior B 2020.

Junior B Football Championship Winners 2019 will not be promoted to Junior A for 2020 only.


Net Result: 10 Teams in Junior A Championship 2020.

2020 Junior A Football Championship

Two Groups of 5 with each team playing each other in round robin series. Top placed team in each group to qualify for the semi finals. The second and third placed teams will play each other in quarter finals (2 v 3, 3 v 2). Open draw in semi finals with top placed teams after group stages kept apart in this draw. Bottom placed team in each group to play each other in relegation final with losing team to be relegated.

Seeding to be introduced into the 2020 Junior A Championship draw.

Junior B Football Championship 2019 (9 Teams)

Three Groups of 3 teams and to be played as in 2018. The first placed team in each group plus the best second placed team across the three groups will constitute the semi finalists. Semi final draws to ensure that teams from the same group will not meet at this stage. Beaten semi finalists play relegation play off with defeated team relegated along with the remaining five teams. No promotion of 2019 Championship winners and with the arrival of 5 additional teams in 2020 there is a probability of there being teams 14 to play here in 2020. With the uncertainty that arises at this level with teams affiliating/not affiliating on any given year, the following format to take place for 2020:

Junior B Football Championship 2020

5 relegated teams from Junior A 2019 plus Junior B Championship Finalists 2019 and Junior B 2019 relegation play off winner to form 2 groups of 4. Top two teams in each group play each other (1 v 2, 2 v 1) in championship semi finals. Bottom teams of each respective group play relegation final.

Junior C Football Championship 2020

6 relegated teams from the 2019 Junior B Championship (numbers based on 2018 affiliated teams) to be played off in respective groups of 3. The top 2 teams in each group will play championship semi finals. Winner of JFC C in 2020 to be promoted to JFC B 2021.

In all of the above Championship series Rule 6.21 TO 2018 shall be used to determine ties at the concluding stages of Round Robin Championship formats.

Net Result Championship Teams 2020

Senior Football Championship           10 Teams

Intermediate Football Championship            10 Teams

Junior A Football Championship       10 Teams

Junior B Football Championship       8 Teams

Junior C Football Championship       6 Teams

Current Competition Regulations to be amended accordingly.

Coiste Chontae Liatroma

Motion 3

That in order to provide games for senior club players when the county panel are tied up with county team, a cup competition (To be named after a prominent Leitrim personality of the past) be organised for Div I teams on the following basis. Twelve teams to be divided into two groups of six (random selection) Each team play five games with top two contesting final. All Div I teams must take part with normal rules in regard to walk-overs applying. To be completed by end of June.

Seán Uí Eislín Béal an Átha Móir

Motion 4

CCC to be given the authority include in its regulations the scheduling of two rounds of the All County Leagues that are to be exclusively played without members of the Leitrim Senior Football Panel in 2019 and the years beyond, while the current format of 12 Team leagues continues. Failure to adhere to this regulation will lead to a loss of points, with award to the other team for the said fixtures on a proven objection in accordance with Rule 7.10 TO 2018 by a club concerned.

Current Competition Regulations to be amended accordingly

Coiste Chontae Liatroma

Motion 5

A motion to abolish the provision to allow for the CCC to fix two rounds of the All County Leagues to played without the benefit of County Players

The following motion was submitted by the CCC and published Coiste Chontae Liatrioma Comhdhail Bhliantuil 2018 and was passed at the first meeting of the Coiste Chontae Liatroma following convention

“CCC be given the authority to include in its regulations the scheduling of two round of the All County Leagues that are to be exclusively played without members  of the Leitrim Senior Panel in 2018 and the years beyond while the current format of the 12 team leagues continues”

It is our current motion to repeal this motion and remove this provision


Motion 6

That underage football in Leitrim would revert back to even ages e.g. U12, U14 etc. in unison with our neighbouring counties and the majority of the country.

Naomh Muire Cill Tochairt

Motion 7

If Leitrim stays with the odd age groups eg. U11, U13 etc, that U17 winners will represent Leitrim the following year at Connacht Club U18 competition.

Naomh Muire Cill Tochairt

Motion 8

To remove the current U13 league and replace it with a blitz format and at the end of the season retain the current U13 Championship so club’s can measure where they have improved from the start to the end of the season.

Achadh na Síleann 

Motion 9

Carrigallen GAA Club proposes that all players on team panel walk behind the band on County Final day instead of first 15.  This is to give recognition to all players who train and substituted.

Carraig Álainn

The death occurred earlier today of Assistant Treasurer of Leitrim GAA Jim Meehan, Station Road, Dromahair, after an illness bravely borne. The Dromahair native was one of the hardest workers behind the scenes of Leitrim GAA over a number of decades and his passing will be deeply felt by all that knew him and they were many across the county, province and indeed in national circles. He was an ever-present at Leitrim matches, no matter where they took place and indeed his love of the GAA involved a constant involvement in the activities of his beloved Dromahair. A former player with Dromahair, Jim would have played through the 1970s and 1980s and was an accomplished goalkeeper with 1976 Junior Championship winning team. As his playing days came to a close he contributed to the officialdom of matches and served a term as a referee. He was also at hand to assist his club in coaching, as a selector and in managerial roles across many grades and age groups from underage to senior in the decades that followed and the fortunes of St Patrick’s Dromahair were always closest to his heart. He served his club in many official roles in the years that followed and is a former Club Treasurer, Secretary, and Chairman. His contribution to his club in fundraising ventures over all his years has been phenomenal and he was the most influential driving force in the efforts to raise funds to improve the playing facilities at Dromahair GAA.

As a fundraiser extraordinaire for both club and county, it would be impossible to quantify the amount of money that Jim has raised for both organisations. It was no surprise, given his ability to fundraise that Jim was elected as Treasurer of Leitrim GAA for 2002. Over the following 6 years, Jim worked tirelessly on behalf of Leitrim GAA, an era which coincided with the development of the new stand at Páirc Seán Mac Diarmada and the purchase of the grounds that have since been developed into the Centre of Excellence. Jim’s financial prudence contributed greatly towards the realisation of these projects which will serve Leitrim GAA over many generations.
Jim also combined his Leitrim GAA Treasury role with that of Connacht GAA and held both roles simultaneously over the period 2004-2006 which was a huge undertaking but one didn’t faze him. Following his role as Treasurer with Leitrim GAA, Jim took on the role of Leitrim’s Central Council delegate, a position he held from 2008-12. He returned to Connacht Council GAA as Leitrim’s delegate following the conclusion of his five year Central Council term and represented Leitrim at provincial from 2013-17. Last December he became Assistant Treasurer of Leitrim GAA at its Annual Convention. Over many years Jim also took charge of the kitting out of county panels and was essentially the county’s go-to man when county players’ gear was required.

Away from the officialdom and the formality that such roles can require, Jim was a lifetime presence around the longest fundraising venture that Leitrim GAA has organised. The annual Supporters Club Draw, which has been on the go since 1986 has had Jim Meehan as one of its staunchest allies. It would be hard for people to appreciate the amount of time, effort and repetitive selling that Jim Meehan has put into this fundraiser over the best part of its existence. One image is quite clear, if you saw Jim reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket anytime from the end of January towards the middle of March you could be sure that you were going to be relieved of the fee for the annual Supporters Club membership! The Supporters Club Tickets were his constant companion over that period of any given year! It is a fact that possibly a majority of people feel less than comfortable selling tickets, Jim thrived on it and his hardy customers, and you can be assured they were many, gave willingly such was Jim’ s approach to the job. At the most recent Leitrim GAA Supporters Club Draw in March 2018, we were all delighted to see Jim present, despite his illness, to oversee the final installment of this year’s event. He was a constant member of the steering committee, holding various officer roles over many years in this fundraising drive. Suffice it to say, future Leitrim GAA Supporters Club fundraising will be at challenged to replace Jim’s constant cajoling, drive and ultimately his selling power.
Away from the GAA, Jim was essentially a family man who found the time, despite his many GAA commitments to operate a busy farm. He will be sorely missed by his wife Chrissie, who was his constant companion at all GAA events, sons Fergus, Kevin and Kieran. He will also be sadly missed by his sisters Kathleen, Della, Gay, Ena, Noeleen and Geroadine, daughters-in-law Patricia, Nicola and Sarah, grandchildren Amy, Thomas, Amelia, Aishling and Michael, relatives and friends. We at Leitrim GAA convey our deepest sympathies to his family and many friends, far and wide.

Ní bheidh a leithéid arís ann. Ar dheis Dé go raibh sé.

Funeral Arrangements
Reposing at his home on Thursday from 1pm to 3pm and from 5pm to 9.30pm, also on Friday from 10am to 12 noon. House private thereafter. Removal on Friday to St Mary’s Church, Killenummery, for funeral Mass at 4pm. Burial afterwards in Carrowcrin Cemetery. Family flowers only, donations in lieu, if desired, to North West Hospice.

Jim Meehan RIP

Leitrim GAA County Committee in conjunction with Leitrim County Council is offering grants for attendance at Gaeltacht courses to Leitrim boys and girls as part of their promotion of an Ghaeilge. These grants are open to boys and girls living in County Leitrim.

Some of the grants are part-sponsored by Gaeltacht colleges. In the case of cash grants, when students return they can claim their grant money on production of evidence of having successfully completed the course.

Application forms can be printed from the Leitrim GAA website by searching Gaeltacht Scholarships 2019 or can be had had from the Secretary of any GAA club.

Beidh na hiarratais le fáil i ngach meanscoil sa Chontae freisin

The closing date for applications is Friday 26 October 2018.

2019 Scoláireachtaí Application Forms


Coiste na nÓg Liatroma held its annual fundraising draw tonight at the Coiste ns nÓg meeting. The following are the lucky winners:

2 All Ireland Football Tickets – Mary Mitchell, Aughavas.

2 All Ireland Hurling Tickets – Sean Doherty, Cloone.

€100 – Francie McGirl, Aughnasheelin.

€100 – David McGee, Dromahair.

Dinner for 2 in Cox’s Steakhouse, Dromod – Robbie Kottermann, Carrigallen.

Dinner for 2 in Mitchell’s, Carrigallen – Declan Kelly Dromahair.

2 County Senior Final Tickets – Terry McNulty, Aughnasheelin.

Our congratulations to all of the winners and to all ticket sellers and patrons who supported the draw we return our sincerest gratitude.

Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s GAA club would like to invite players and former players, friends and Leitrim GAA supporters to join in a Guard of Honour at the removal of the remains of the legendary Paddy Dolan on tomorrow night Thursday 9 August. Please gather at the top of High St, outside where Dolan’s Pub was located, at 7.15pm. Laoch i measc Laochra.

The death of Paddy Dolan, Ballinamore, will be mourned by his family, by the local community and by the Gaels of Ballinamore Sean O’Heslins, of Leitrim and of Connacht.

An indication of his status as a footballer with the county was his selection, at right half forward, on the Leitrim Millennium Team, an accolade well deserved by this will of the wisp star over a long career in the green and gold. Paddy’s talents came to light at an early age and he first played with Leitrim seniors in the National League when only sixteen years of age, one of the many distinctions he shared with fellow great Packie McGarty.

Indeed Paddy and Packie would go on to share many a dressing room as they lined out together in the National League and the Connacht Championship – including a number of finals – at a time when Leitrim was so unlucky not to have captured at least one provincial senior title and bridge the long gap from 1927.

Paddy Dolan did win a Connacht title with the Leitrim Minors in 1956 and starred at left half forward in the All Ireland Final against Dublin in Croke Park, on the day that Galway became All Ireland Senior Champions by defeating Cork. In his senior career with Leitrim, Paddy would come face to face with many of that Galway side in future Connacht Championship clashes, including the finals of 1958, 59, 60 and 67.

!956 proved to be a special year for Paddy at club level also, as he won the first of his eight county senior titles with Ballinamore and was the youngest member of the side. The team captain that day,

Columba Cryan and his midfield partner Brian Sweeney would line out with Paddy Dolan in Croke Park in 1959 when Leitrim played Derry in the National League Semi-final. Paddy’s other seven county medals were won in 1964, 67, 68, 69, 72, 73 and 79 and he had the honour of being captain of the three-in-a-row champions. In 1969 Paddy was the main organizer, with Pat Murray and Joe McInerney of the Ballinamore club’s historic trip to Gaelic Park, New York and to New England and Boston in 1989. Paddy would also travel to New York with the Leitrim team in a later tour.

Paddy also lined out with the Leitrim hurlers on many occasions, a sport in which he also excelled. Indeed, Paddy Dolan, with his natural talents, athleticism, sharp mind and enthusiasm, is one of those who could be proficient in a variety of sports.

Apart from his skill on the field of play, Paddy was beloved by the Ballinamore community as a charismatic, friendly, charming and lovable personality. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Sincere sympathy to all the Dolan family.

Sonas síoraí da anam uasal.

Funeral arrangements:

The Gaels of the Ballinamore and Aughawillan areas were shocked at the sudden and tragic death of Trevor Martin at the young age of 36. Trevor was a most enthusiastic footballer and hurler who lined out for both clubs at different times.

Initially, he played underage with Ballinamore Seán O’Heslin’s, but transferred to the Aughawillan/Drumreilly combination, then under the name Drumreilly. He won a number of underage titles with them and was a key forward in many of their successes. He later returned to play football with O’Heslin’s.

Trevor will be especially remembered as a hurler and his enthusiasm for the game was exceptional. He would never miss a training session and his contribution to many of our successes at underage level was immense. In 1996, Ballinamore hurlers had a memorable win over St Mary’s in the County Under 16 Final, the score being 3-6 to 3-2. The Leitrim Observer report of the game stated that “what clinched the match was the brilliant goal scoring of Trevor Martin”.

In 2001, Trevor was playing in the County Senior Hurling Final against St Mary’s in Annaduff and received an accidental but serious head wound early in the game. He was taken to a doctor who stitched and bandaged his head. Trevor returned to the match and wanted to get playing again. Such was his enthusiasm.

A guard of honour of Ballinamore Hurlers and Aughawillan footballers met his remains at Ballinamore Church on Thursday evening, showing the high esteem in which he was held.

Ballinamore Hurling club extends sympathy to his father Peter, brothers Damien and Jason, sisters Caroline, Tracey and Vanessa and his children Benjamin and Sophia.

Sonas síoraí dá anam uasal.

AIB, the creators of hit shows The Toughest Trade, Jeff and Kammy’s Journey to Croker and Behind The Gates have sponsored the AIB All Ireland Club Championships for 27 years. AIB recently extended their sponsorship of the GAA All Ireland Football Championship for a further five years.

In 1998, Erin’s Isle met Castlehaven in the AIB GAA All Ireland Club Semi-Finals. With 13 minutes remaining Erin’s Isle and Dublin star player, Charlie Redmond, receives a red card widely regarded as harsh. Two points down with seconds remaining the game looks likes its Castlehaven’s. When a long ball towards the Castlehaven goal seems to be dribbling wide only to be picked up by an Erin’s Isle forward, scooped back and shot towards the net by Niall Crossan. The ball hit one post, then a second post before shooting out. The goal was awarded, Erin’s Isle claim the game by one point but the debate over whether the goal was in fact a goal still rages.

Friday, July 13th 2018: The first episode of AIB’s eagerly anticipate new series, The Toughest Rivalry, airs today. The series introduces renowned Premier League Manager Harry Redknapp and former Sampdoria, Juventus and Italy striker, manager and World Footballer of the Year in 1995, Gianluca Vialli to the culture of GAA in Ireland.

Both Premier League powerhouses will take charge of two rival GAA clubs. Vialli with Erin’s Isle in Dublin, and Redknapp with Castlehaven in West Cork. The two teams faced off in an infamous 1998 AIB GAA All-Ireland Club Semi-Final, where Castlehaven were defeated by a last-minute questionable goal. The controversial ending left both teams with unfinished business.

Episode 1 is now available to view here:

The series will culminate in an epic rematch, set to take place at the end of the summer with Vialli and Redknapp managing their teams and using their managerial expertise to improve and make a difference to their respective teams.

AIB, proud sponsor of both Club and County, believe that GAA, as #TheToughest sport of all, is built upon rivalries be they local, county, provincial or national. GAA rivalries, despite being as intense as any in world sport, are rivalries of the very best kind. These rivalries bring out the very best in GAA players, fans and their communities.

Over the next eight weeks, AIB’s exclusive eight-part video series will reveal how Harry and Gianluca fared as they swapped their soccer managerial skills for those of a GAA manager.

This week the two managers travel to their respective destination and get to grips with the task ahead.

AIB’s ‘The Toughest Rivalry’ will air each Friday on and AIB’s other social channels.

For exclusive content and behind the scenes action from Harry and Gianluca’s journey follow AIB GAA on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and

Cúrsa Gaeilge

The Ulster Council GAA runs a week-long Irish Course called Cúrsa Shéamuis de Faoite which runs in Na Dúnaibh, Co Dún na nGall from 16-20 July.

GAA members from Leitrim can apply to attend. Applications must be in by 6 July

The Course is free of charge, except for accommodation

There are courses for different levels.

Application form and further details are available here

The Leitrim GAA Supporters’ Club will host a special ‘Up for the Roscommon Match’ event in the Herbert Park Hotel, Ballsbridge, on Thursday, May 24th at 8pm, in anticipation of the Connacht semi-final clash.

The event will feature a panel discussion hosted by former Leitrim player Colin Regan and some very special guests. Ballinamore Sean O’Heslin’s 1994 Connacht winning forward, Liam ‘Willie’ Conlon and St. Mary’s former great, Dermot Reynolds, will recall tales from their battles with Roscommon on the field of play. Conlon played a vital part in the famous victory over the Rossies in the ’94 quarter-final, while Reynolds scored the vital goal against his near neighbours when Leitrim recorded a famous victory in the 2000 semi-final in The Hyde.

To ensure balance and some good banter on the night, a former Roscommon player (TBC) will also join the panel, with some other special guests also contributing on the night.

The night will also see the Irish launch by Eamonn Duignan of an exciting fundraising drive to raise funds to finish Leitrim’s Centre of Excellence in Annaduff. The ambitious plans will finish the centre to the highest standards, ensuring that Leitrim’s facilities are on par with any other county in Ireland. A special feature – The Leitrim Wall – has been incorporated into the design allowing Leitrim people everywhere the opportunity to record a personal message on a commemorative brick or tile that will forever feature prominently in the Centre of Excellence for everyone to see when visiting the facility.

There are four price options to suit everyone’s budget and need. A launch of The Leitrim Wall was well received in New York and the Supporters Club hope that Leitrim’s loyal supporters will once more back this innovative opportunity to help build Leitrim’s GAA future brick by brick. For more information about the Leitrim Wall visit and stay tuned to the Leitrim GAA social media accounts.

All are welcome to this free event in The Herbert Park Hotel. Light refreshments from 7.30pm with an 8pm sharp throw-in. The night will conclude at 9.30pm. Please bring along any Leitrim people you know.

Leitrim GAA is delighted to be associated with the Leitrim’s Health is Leitrim’s Wealth seminar that takes place in the Bush Hotel on Wednesday night next May 16th, doors opening at 7pm.

The list of speakers includes RTE presenter Mary Kennedy, Consultant GP and Author Dr Harry Barry,  the Director of Mental Service Dr Owen Mulligan, Director of the National Ploughing Association Anna May McHugh, renowned actress Mary McAvoy, former Armagh and Crossmaglen GAA star footballer Oisin McConville. Special guests include Charlie McGettigan and Eleanor Shanley.

This promises to be a great night in the promotion of positive mental health and well being.

Leitrim’s Health is Leitrim’s Wealth Poster

The death occurred earlier today (Sunday), of Shay Reynolds, Clooncolry, Dromod, and late of Bornacoola GAA Club. Shay had very recently and suddenly taken ill and passed to his eternal reward at Mullingar General Hospital.

The late Shay was many things to many people and gave of his all for the betterment of his community, parish and county and indeed beyond the county boundaries. As a member of Bornacoola Community Development, Dromod Development Association, Cloonmorris Graveyard Committee, to name but few, Shay was always to the fore in the promotion of all that is good within a community and among those organisations he will be sorely missed. Indeed Shay was also an avid follower of drama and starred in many productions in Cloonturk Hall many moons ago.

However it was in his beloved GAA that he left an indelible mark on all of us who were privileged to have shared his company. As Bornacoola GAA Club was dormant throughout the 1960s Shay played his earlier football with Annaduff GAA Club and indeed played in the County Senior Football Championship Final of 1966, with the Aughavas opposition of the day proving victorious. Shay managed to capture an elusive championship medal with his victorious Annaduff teammates in 1972 but with the return to the footballing fraternity of Bornacoola GAA Club in 1973, Shay transferred his allegiance back to his native parish, winning a Junior Football League Medal in 1976 and played with the two Junior Championship Finalists of 1977 and 1978 versus Drumreilly and Mohill respectively.  With his playing career drawing to a close at this stage, Shay turned his hand to refereeing at which he was most adept. In 1980 he was the recipient of the Leitrim Referee of the Year Award.

As an administrator, Shay had few equals. He served the Executive of Leitrim GAA of that era as Registrar and also had a very keen interest in Scór, both as a participant and more recently as a Scór Officer. He served as Treasurer to the Connacht Scór Committee for many years in the late 1980’s and into the 1990’s and had many busy days at Provincial Scór Finals.

He served his club in many positions and held the position of Bornacoola GAA Club Chairman from 1989 to 2002, a fourteen year term during which the Bornacoola Club went from strength to strength on the playing fields with multiple underage successes as the club arrived to within grasp of a coveted Senior Championship title. Following his retirement as Chairman he was elected as Club President a position he held for the remainder of his days.

At county level, Shay was the ultimate supporter. Hail, rain or shine Shay travelled the length and breadth of the country to follow his beloved Leitrim. Many of those journeys were shared with his good friends and equally staunch Leitrim Supporters, TP Cox and the late Jimmy O Connor. While the result may not always have been favourable, the banter to and from those matches was bound to be priceless.

When the late Joe Flynn, Cathaoirleach Coiste Chontae Liatroma, was elected to office, one of his first appointments was Shay Reynolds as Chairman of the Leitrim Supporters Club. Shay threw himself with gusto into the role and presided over the Committee for the next six years. No effort was spared to ensure the success of the largest fundraising activity of Leitrim’s calendar. Indeed after he had retired from the position as chair of the committee, Shay was still a huge driving force behind the operation and no later than March 10th last, he presided over the 2018 draw in Cox’s Steakhouse, acting as MC on the night, with little sign of what, unfortunately, lay ahead.

Suffice it to say, Shay Reynolds was larger than life. He was excellent company in any company and many sing songs into the future will not be the same. ‘The Rattling Bog’ and ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ will never really sound the same again and certainly when they are heard again in impromptu sing-alongs, memories of Shay will live on.

We, at Leitrim GAA, are extremely sorry to lose Shay as his passing has left a massive void that will be impossible to fill. He will be a tremendous loss to his community and his Club as his guiding wisdom was much sought after. However, his family will miss him most of all and we wish to convey our sympathies to his wife Mary, sons Cathal and John, son in law Simon, daughter in law Nicola, grandson Kian, granddaughter Laila, sisters Maureen Hanley (Strokestown) and Betty Murray (Greystones) brothers in law, sisters in law, nieces, nephews, relatives, neighbours and many, many friends.

Rest in Peace

Reposing at his home Tuesday from 2 until 8pm. Removal on Wednesday to arrive at St. Joseph’s Church, Cloonturk, for Funeral Mass at 12 noon followed by burial in the Cloonmorris Cemetery. Family flowers only please, donations, if desired, to M.R.I. Scanner Fund at Regional Hospital, Mullingar c/o McGowan Funeral Directors (donation box in church).

House private outside reposing times.

 Ar Dheis Dé go raibh sé.

Shay Reynolds RIP Leitrim Supporters Club Draw March 2018