Underdogs returns to TG4

After a hugely successful series that saw DublinÓget the fight of their life, the Underdogs are back with a vengeance and this year they will be going up against Kerry. Mícheál Ó Muirchearthaigh is joining the panel of selectors and, along with Jarlath Burns (Armagh) & Mickey Ned O’Sullivan (Kerry), will be training the lads throughout the year.

Anyone who has never played senior county football at league or championship level is Underdog material. They will be offered the chance of a lifetime. A chance to be trained by three legends of the game. A chance to take on a senior county side and a chance to show their county what they’ve been missing!

Provincial trials will be held over four Saturdays in the months of May and June, with the Connacht trial being held in Hyde Park, Roscommon, on Saturday 19th June. Anyone interested in applying for the Underdogs must do so on TG4’s website. All details must be filled out in full, and if your application is successful, a member of the Underdogs production team will contact you with more details.



06-May-04 by Paddy Reilly