Leitrims Switch Over to Email Initiative

The recently formed IT Committee have announced a Webmail (email) training evening for Club Secretaries to be held on next Wednesday (8th Mar) in Carrick Community School.

This is one of many initiatives by the IT Committee to assist all Clubs and County Officers to switch over the use of IT within their structures. The email initiative is very important as it will be the main means of communication at all levels within the county. This is in line with the Croke Park recommendation of October 2004 that all communications are made by the use of email.

April 1st has been chosen as the changeover date and a lot of effort has already been made by Clubs, County Officers and the IT Committee to meet this deadline. Each of the 26 Clubs have already established a contact person within their clubs for the purposes of communicating by email.

Approximately 4 weeks are left and starting this weekend each club will be issued with a new email address for use on the GAA Official Webmail site ? mail.gaa.ie.

In line with this rollout to each club a training day is arranged for next week. The venue is Carrick Community School on Wednesday, 8th March from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. With a follow-up session provisionally arranged depending on demand. It is hoped that Secretaries and/or Contact person requiring assistance will attend this event.

All interested parties are asked to confirm their attendance by contacting Brendan by email ithelp@leitrim.gaa.ie or by text/phone on 086-8104200 by Tuesday March 8th.



04-Mar-05 by Brendan Doyle – Chairman, IT Committee