Live scores available worldwide as they happen

The latest in modern technology is being used to keep this website updated live from P?irc Sean with the scores and main events as they happen. This is the second of many initiatives by the IT Committee in assisting and promoting Leitrim GAA.

The Live scores was initiated last year and was revived for the last NFL game against Fermanagh. With only short notice it attracted very favourable viewing figures.

This time out we are going to enhance the service and make it a more dynamic experience with the addition of comments on the play, as it happens, in addition to the scores.

So Sunday afternoon, 2:30pm – Carrick time, no matter where you are in the world you can keep up with the action is it happens ? interactively from P?irc Sean.

Check out the Live link on this website on Sunday afternoon.



04-Mar-05 by Brendan Doyle – Chairman, IT Committee