Club Officer Profile – Club Delegate

Club Delegate to County Board

Responsibilities and Duties

1. To contribute on behalf of his/her Club, to the effective administration of County Board Affairs

2. To represent Club interests and views at County Board meetings

3. To ensure regular, appropriate and accurate communication between Club and County Board committee


Duties include:

To attend all County Board Meetings

To partake, as required in discussion and decision making with regard to County Board matters.

To express, as appropriate, club views/needs at County Board level ( the Delegate must take regular briefings from Club Executive in order to carry out this task).

To report, at least monthly, to Club Executive on County Board matters

To convey general information

To keep Club Executive advised on Club fixtures subject to official confirmation by An Runai Contae.

InÓgeneral the County Board Delegate is the link between the Club and County Board. If your Club wishes to know anything from County Board meetings, then ask your Delegate who attends/represents you.



30-Apr-05 by PJ Meehan – Development Officer