Club Officer Profile – Development Officer

The Club Development Officer.

The Club Development Officer acts as the club link with the County Development Officer or County Development Committee.

It is recommended that Clubs appoint a Development Officer to allow for improved communication and better coordination of development matters between County Development/Committee and the Clubs.

It is suggested that the Club Development Officer be appointed from within the Club Executive or Management Committee after the Annual General Meeting i.e. the first Executive meeting. Because it is rarely possible for an officer responsible for immediate day-to-day activities to devote time to planning and development, the person appointed should not already hold office, particularly the office of Chairperson, Secretary or treasurer.

There are unlimited opportunities for development in every Club. The Club Development Officer will not be able to tackle every development necessary in their Club but should select certain immediate Club needs and concentrate on them.

Duties of the Development Officer.

Priority areas:
(a) Club Development & Administration to improve the general organisation and efficiency of the Club unit.

(b) Physical Facilities – Look after grounds and property and ensure all Club Property is vested.

(c) Community – The Development Officer should avail of opportunities for assistance by units of the GAA in appropriate community activities especially those aimed at improving the quality of life for persons who are disadvantaged by virtue of age, health or social and economic circumstances.

(d) Resource Centre: The Development Officer should be known within the club to be the person who can provide Development information, reference material, guidelines (which can be sourced at Central Office)

The Club Development Officer would.
– Work with other officers for the general good of the Club
– Encourage and support officers and committees which are working effectively already.
– Ensure that the Club assists with the development of the games in local schools.
– Assess the needs and plan for the future development of the Club.
– Work closely with the County Development Officer and Committee.



20-Apr-05 by PJ Meehan – Development Officer