Inter Club Challenge Games

An Inter-Club challenge game shall be sanctioned by County Committee/s, Provincial Council/s or Central Council. Sanction must be obtained from County Committee where teams are from the one county.

Sanction must be obtained from the Provincial Council where the teams are from two or more Counties. Sanctions must be obtained from the County Committees, from the Provincial Council Committees, from Central Council where teams are from two or more provinces.

Teams playing Challenge Games shall make application to the appropriate authority/authorities in such time as to have permissionÓgranted or otherwise (5) Five Days prior to the date of the fixture. Application must be in writing or by e-mail. The following details shall be included within the application:
The venue;
The name of the neutral referee and at least two other match officials. The referee shall be on the current and recognised list of referees, from the County/Provincial/National list as appropriate. The referee?s match report shall be submitted to the appropriate authority within seven days of the fixture.

The above rules are applicable to Juvenile Challenge games for players in the under fourteen age group or over. Blitz type games are recommended fro players under fourteen years of age.

Failure to comply with any of the above rules nullifies participation in the Insurance Scheme.

Players and Clubs participating will be liable for suspension under Rule 136.



25-May-05 by PJ Meehan – Development Officer