Club Ground Improvement Scheme

Club Ground Improvement Scheme

Over the coming weeks the annual inspection of all Leitrim Club Grounds will take place.
As a reminder to all clubs the following Four Headings will form the main areas to be looked at.
1. General Layout
(a) Entrance gates and name of park
(b) Directional signÓge
(c) Boundaries
(d) Litter
(e) Entrance and presentation of park to public
(f) Dressing rooms and showers
(g) Toilet facilities
(h) Ticket admission point
(i) Extra facilities
(j) Training grounds including lighting
(k) Press facilities

2. Safety
(a) First Aid Facilities including Kit and Stretcher
(b) Safety Hazards
(c) Storage of machinery and equipment
(d) Storage of Mobile Goal Posts
(e) Disability Access
(f) Emergency Services Access

3. Pitch.
(a) Quality of Surface
(b) Maintenance of Surface
(c) Line marking and Flags
(d) Goal Posts both permanent and mobile
(e) Sideline Player accommodation
(f) Pitch enclosure

4. Other.
(a) Is Property vested
(b) Are Trustees up to date

This is a guide to clubs and hopefully will assist in the overall safety and good housekeeping expected at all our games and training venues.



28-Jun-05 by Grounds Safety Committee