Player Eligibility for League and Championship

At last December?s Co Board Convention, two motions relating to Rules 124 and 131, proposed by the Sean O?Heslins Club, were passed and referred to Congress.

Congress made a recommendation that Leitrim be granted derogation from these rules, because of the county?s small population base and the importance of clubs being able to field teams throughout the year.

The matter came before the Ard Chomhairle in May and derogation from these rules was granted to Leitrim in accordance with the motions as submitted to Congress.

Clubs now need to be aware of the implications of these motions for both Leagues and Championships.

Motion 44 to Congress restores Leitrim to the League position as operated up to 2003.

A player who is eligible for a particular grade at the start of a League competition shall remain so eligible until the competition finishes.

If he plays in a higher grade in the current year?s championship, that will not affect his league status.

This will have particular significance for Division 3 league this year, where the second tier will not be played until after the championship. A club with a second team in this division will retain their panel of eligible players until the end of the competition.

In 2006 and subsequent years clubs will continue to name 13 players at the beginning of the year who have played senior championship and are eligible for senior only in the current year. Similarly with Intermediate and Junior leagues.

The essential principle is that if a player is eligible to play in the first round of a league he is eligible to play right through

The position with Championships in 2005 is as follows, starting with senior.

All players who play at any stage in the first round of the senior championship, including subs, are eligible for senior only thereafter in the current year. That first round determines your senior panel and all others are eligible to play intermediate or whatever the club?s next grade is.

A player who did not play in the first round of the Senior championship, but who plays in the second or subsequent round, or rounds, will continue to be able to play for the club?s second team in the current year?s championship.

Similarly, a player who plays in the first round of the Intermediate Championship, is eligible for Intermediate grade only thereafter in the current year, but can play Senior championship beyond this point without affecting his Intermediate status.

A player who did not play in the first round Intermediate championship, can play in a subsequent round without affecting his Junior status. Similarly with Junior A, B and C championships.

The essential principle is that if a player is eligible to play in the first round of a given championship, he is eligible to complete that competition including B or shield competitions.



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