[b]Coiste na nÓg
League and Championship
Fixtures 2006[/b]

The following is the Master Fixture List for the Championship and League for U12, U14, U16 and Minor Competitions for 2006

[b] LEAGUE 2006[/b]

[b]U-12 LEAGUE 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: June 2nd
Rd. 2: June 9th
Rd. 3: June 12th
Rd. 4: June 16th
Rd. 5: June 23rd
Playoffs/ FINALS: June 26th & 30th

[b]U-14 LEAGUE 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: April 28th
Rd. 2: May 5th
Rd. 3: May 8th
Rd. 4: May 12th
Rd. 5: May 19th
Playoffs/ FINALS: May 22nd & 26th

[b]U-16 LEAGUE 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: March 12th
Rd. 2: March 19th
Rd. 3: March 24th
Rd. 4: March 31st
Rd. 5: April 7th
Playoffs/ FINALS: April 14th & 21st

[b]MINOR LEAGUE 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: Feb. 12th
Rd. 2: Feb. 19th
Rd. 3: Feb. 26th
Rd. 4: March 5th
Rd. 5: March 17th
Playoffs/ FINALS: April 5th & 19th

March 11th Leitrim V Mayo
March 25th Leitrim V Roscommon
April 1st Galway V Leitrim
April 15th Sligo V Leitrim
Play Off April 22nd

July 19th, 26th , Aug. 2nd , 9th , 16th.

[b] CHAMPIONSHIP 2006[/b]

[b] U-12 CHAMPIONSHIP 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: August 4th
Rd. 2: August 11th
Rd. 3: August 14th
Rd. 4: August 18th
Rd. 5: August 21st
Playoffs/ FINALS: Aug 25th & 28th

[b] U-14 CHAMPIONSHIP 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: July 3rd
Rd. 2: July 7th
Rd. 3: July 14th
Rd. 4: July 17th
Rd. 5: July 21st
Playoffs/ FINALS: July 24th & 28th

[b] U-16 CHAMPIONSHIP 2006[/b]
Rd. 1: September 1st
Rd. 2: September 4th
Rd. 3: September 8th
Rd. 4: September 15th
Rd. 5: September 22nd
FINALS: September 29th

Rd. 1: July 5th
Rd. 2: July 12th
Rd. 3: July 26th
Rd. 4: August 2nd
Rd. 5: August 9th
Playoffs/ FINALS:August 16th & 23rd


June 25th LM V MO

[b] TED WEBB[/b]
June 30th Galway V Leitrim
July 7th Leitrim V Sligo
July 14th Mayo V Leitrim
July 21st Semi / Final
August 7th Final. Ballyhaunis



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