Nicky Rackard Cup

Nicky Rackard Cup

There are 3 Groups in the Nicky Rackard Cup with Leitrim hurlers inÓgroup B.

[b]Group B ? [/b]

June 10:
Cavan v Armagh,
[b]Leitrim v Louth[/b]

June 24:
Louth v Cavan,
[b]Armagh v Leitrim[/b]

July 8::
Louth v Armagh,
[b]Cavan v Leitrim[/b]

Groups A and C are as follows:

Group A ? June 10:
Fermanagh v Tyrone, Donegal v Sligo;
June 24: Sligo v Fermanagh, Tyrone v Donegal;
July 8: Sligo v Tyrone, Fermanagh v Donegal.

Group C ? June 10:
Derry v Longford (if Derry are involved in Ulster SHC final thenÓgame will be played on June 17),
Warwickshire v Monaghan;
June 24: Monaghan v Derry, Longford v Warwickshire; July 8: Monaghan v Longford, Warwickshire v Derry.

Quarter-finals: 15th & 22nd July

Semi-finals: 29th July

Final: 13th August



30-Mar-06 by Brendan Doyle – PRO