Leitrim Ladies Notes

[b]New Chairperson:[/b] Congratulations to Geraldine Creamer from Ballinaglera who was elected as the new Chairperson of the Ladies county Board on Monday night following the resignation of George Manek. Congratulations also to Padraig Kelly from Kiltubrid who was also elected as vice chairperson. The county board would like to thank George for all of the work he has done for the county board over the past six months and wish him well in his retirement.

[b]F?ile na nÓg:[/b] Leitrim were represented by St Josephs girls at the annual F?ile na nÓg festival in Wicklow at the weekend. The interest in this years festival was heightened as Leitrim have the honour of hosting in 2007. The weekend started well for the Leitrim representatives with all of the teams enjoying a win in their opening game. The beautiful weather ensured a wonderful weekend of football with the parade of 144 teams the highlight on Friday evening. The news got better on Saturday morning when Nicky Brennan and Geraldine Giles decended from the skies to scenic Wicklow town on the first of their stops to visit many of the venues to present an award for the best turned out girls team at the parade to St Josephs. A win over St Brigids from Roscommon in their second game ensured an all or nothing clash with Eastern Harps from Sligo in the last game. However it was not to be despite the best efforts of the Leitrim girls. In the skills competition Lorraine Moran outshone her competitors and qualified for the next round. On to Hollywood for the semifinals and with the large support of mentors and parents, Breege had everyone dressed in their finest for a visit to a famous venue ? noone told her it was the other Hollywood.! Well done to the club who were excellent ambassadors for the county over the weekend and also to the St Marys and Leitrim Gaels boys teams. Despite of or maybe because of an evening dip in the harbour, Sharon, Phillipa and Alanah were up bright and early for a 3 hour trip to Tuam on Sunday to see off Galway and qualify for the Connacht final. Aided by the great weather, the weekend was a huge success for the Garden County committee which was at its scenic best for the weekend and Leitrim have a lot to look forward to next year.

[b]Club Championship:[/b] Next weekend the first round of the intermediate championship will commence with a number of games down for decision. On Saturday evening in Fenagh, Mohill take on St Josephs at 7.00 inÓgroup B while on Sunday Bornacoola face an in form Cloone in Aughavas and Annaduff face Aughawillan in Kiltubrid. In the Junior Championship Ballinaglera play Glencar Manor in Drumkeerin. The games on Sunday morning will take place at 11.30.

[b]Minor Championship:[/b] The minor championship will start on Tuesday next and the final date for entries is tomorrow morning.

[b]Under 12 Championship:[/b] A number of revisions have been made to the format of the competition. See fixtures for details of this weeks games.

[b]Under 14 Championship:[/b]Gortlettragh and Kiltubrid played in the Under 14 7 a side final yesterday evening while in Shield competition will be completed shortly with Aughawillan playing Ballinaglera and Melvin Gaels playing Aughnasheelin on Saturday or Monday to be confirmed.

[b]All Ireland qualifier:[/b]Best of luck to the Leitrim team as they face Sligo on Sunday next in Pairc Sean.

[b]Fund raising:[/b]All players will be forwarded with sponsorship cards for a Guess the score competition for the Connacht Final over the next few days to raise some much needed funds. It is important that every effort is made by the players for this venture in order to continue with the work of the Board.

[b]Rules – Part 2:[/b]
The ladies blood sub rule differs from that in the mens game as follows;

1. A player who is bleeding, has blood on her body or playing attire, as a result of an injury sustained during play, shall, on the instructions of the referee, immediately leave the field of play to receive medical attention. She shall not return to the field of play until the bleeding has stopped, all blood cleaned off and the blood stained attire cleaned or replaced.

2. The injured area should be covered where possible. The injured player may be replaced by a Blood Substitute who shall notify the referee in writing, that she is a Blood Substitute.

3. The Blood Substitute shall NOT count as a substitute allowed under the normal substitution rules, if or when the injured player returns to the field, as a Direct Replacement for the player who replaced her.

4. Where the injured player returns to the field of play as a replacement for any other player, apart from the Blood Substitute that directly replaced her, her team shall be deemed to have used a Normal Substitution.

5. Where a Blood Substitution is sent off, her team shall substitute another player if they wish to bring the original player back onto the field of play. This shall NOT count as a Normal Substitution.

6. Where a team has used their Full compliment of Normal Substitutions in either Normal or Extra Time and a player suffers a blood injury, she may be replaced with a Blood Substitute.

Playing rules Part 1

1.A player may pick the ball off the ground with the toe or with one or both hands, providing she is in standing position.

2. A player while on the ground may play the ball away from her, but cannot bring it into her possession.

3. The ball when caught may be: kicked, struck with the fist or open hand; hopped once with one or both hands or solo it toe to hand.

4. A ball that has not been caught may be bounced more than once in succession with one or both hands.

5. A player may change the ball from one hand to the other once, provided the original holding hand maintains contact with the ball until the change is completed.

6. A player may not kick the ball as an opponent is about to pick it up or take it into her possession.

7. The ball cannot be held longer than it is necessary to kick, fist, hand pass, hop it away, or move four steps. A player may carry the ball for 4 steps and kick it off on the 5th step

8. A player may not throw the ball.



04-Jul-06 by Patricia Bohan