Regulations Governing Club Championships (2006)

Please find below the text of the Amended Rule 115 TO 2006, which details how the Groups in the SFC, IFC and JFCA will be decided in the event of an equality of points when the Round Robin series is complete.

As the Masonite Leagues 2006 had commenced in advance of this Congress decision, they will be completed in 2006 in accordance with Regulations drawn up and approved at the March meeting of Coiste Chontae Liatroma. From 2007 forth they shall be completed in accordance with the guidelines below relating to an equality of points.

[b]Regulations governing Club Championships(2006) and Leagues (2007).[/b]

At Congress 2006 Rule 115 TO 2006 was amended and became effective from May 22, 2006. The full text of the amended rule is as follows and shall apply in the Leitrim SFC, IFC and JFCA competitions which are partly run on a league basis:

[b]Rule 115-County Championships[/b]

(1) A County Committee shall organise its Championships on a Knock-Out, League, or a Combination of League and Knock-Out basis.

(2) A County may be divided into districts for these Competitions.

(3) A County Committee shall arrange draws to permit Byes in the first rounds only, unless prior approval for proposed divergence has beenÓgiven by Central Council.

(4) The County Committee shall draw up and approve all other Regulations governing the Organisation of a championship, in advance of its commencement. Any alteration shall be annually approved.

(5) If a Championship is partly organised on a League basis, the following Regulations shall apply:

(a) League results are credited as follows: 2 points for a win, and one point for a draw.

(b) If a club is disqualified or retires during the course of the league stage, its played games shall stand and its unplayed games shall be awarded to the opposing teams.

(c) Where teams finish with equal points for qualification for the concluding stages, or for promotion or relegation, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified, subject to clause(d) below-

(i) [b]Scóring Difference (subtracting the total scores Against from the total scores For).[/b]

(ii) Highest total scores For.

(iii) Where two teams only are involved-the outcome of the meeting of the two teams in the previous game in the competition.

(iv) Scóring Average (divide total score Against into total score For)

(d) If Disqualifications, retirements or walkovers materially affect the outcome of the points total in the league stage of a championship, there shall be play offs to determine qualification for the concluding stages of the championship, or for promotion or relegation as appropriate.

(e) A disqualification shall only affect further participation in the current championship involved and not the following year?s championship or qualification for it. In any Promotion or Relegation process a team shall retain the points it has won in a stage of the championship run on a league basis.

[b]Rule 134-League Competitions[/b]
Rule 134 as outlined below will apply to 2007 leagues and not to this years leagues (2006)

Leagues may be organized on a single or double round basis. The Regulations outlined in Rule 115 in relation to the League Part of a Championship shall likewise apply to League Competitions.

Penalty for each unfulfilled fixture- Award of the game to Opposing Team; Minimum Fine-County ?400, Club ?40



02-Aug-06 by Brendan Doyle – PRO