Update on ticket availability

Leitrim County Board received our allocation of tickets this morning and we are making every effort to distribute tickets to clubs in as fair a manner as possible. Tickets are classified as either Adult (?40) or Juvenile (?5). Adult tickets are available for most areas of the stadium while juvenile tickets are only valid for allocated family areas.

A number of Adult ?40 tickets will be distributed tonight (Thursday) to Club representatives.

It should be noted that we have been allocated a generous proportion of tickets in the Family ticket areas (A family ticket is a combination of Adult & Juvenile tickets). In order to try and facilitate families we are asking the supporters to contact your local club secretary and order your combination of Adult and Juvenile tickets by 6pm on Sunday evening. Juvenile tickets are for Under 16s only and cost ?5 each.

Where possible we will be keeping families together by allocating the tickets based on available seating arrangements.

This will take considerable time to implement but we hope to be in a position to allocate the batches of family tickets early next week as per the orders received.

Families who wish to purchase tickets for juveniles this weekend may do so but you will be charged full value for all the tickets (?40).

At all times tickets can [b]only[/b] be sourced from your club secretary and he or she will advise you of availability.



17-Aug-06 by Brendan Doyle – PRO