Did you know

A separate mobile phone version of this website (called [b]WAP[/b]) is available and has been revamped to provide the latest news, fixtures, results, league tables and live scores (when active) in a very simple mini format suited to the small screen of a mobile phone.

Most phones have the ability to view the site and anyone can do so by going to the services section on their phones menu and typing in the following website address in the section ?Go to address?:


– We recommend that the option to bookmark the site is selected for future reference to avoid having to re-enter the address each time the site is visited, better still make it the homepage. The information pages are updated at the same time as those on the main site, please note that the content of each page has been optimised but incurs a minor charge by mobile phone companies.

wap.LeitrimGAA.ie – with you in your pocket !



08-Dec-06 by Brendan Doyle – PRO