New Competition and Change Of Old for 2007

Last nights County Board Meeting was very well attended as one of the main items on the agenda was the structure of the Club Competitions for 2007. At the previous meeting the structures committee were asked to evaluate the current set-up and their findings and suggestions were returned to the club secretaries over the last few weeks. This work was then put forward as 3 different motions to the club delegates last night. All 3 motions were carried by a very large majority.

In Summary:
Motion 1 – In summary this motion recommended the removal of the Tier 2 of the League. In its place would be the new Shield competitions which would be played by all clubs during the summer months. County players would not participate as they would be involved in intercounty competitions. An interesting change is that the Shields will be divided into 3 with all 1st Teams from Div 1,2 & 3 being divided up and playing in 2 of the Shields with remaining 2nd Teams from 2007 Division 2 & 3 making up the 3rd Shield.

Motion 2 – In summary it was recommended that in the Championship that Junior B and C grades would be played on a League basis similar to Senior, Intermediate and Junior A. From 2007 forward there would be no Senior B or Intermediate B competition. Another important addition was with regard to walkovers where by any team that failed to participate in any grade of championship would automatically be relegated to the next lowest grade of championship in the following year, in which case there would be no playoffs to decide relegation in that particular year.

Motion 3 – The new CCC (Competitions Control Committee) would have the facility to formulate motions on Competition structures without the need to having to wait until the next year.

Other items reports, and motions were dealt with at the meeting as it was a very full 25 item agenda.



06-Feb-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO