Changes to Divisons 3 and 4

Following a request by Aughawillan Club to the County Board committee on Monday night there will be a change to the make up of Divisons 3 and 4.

Aughawillan have been placed in Division 3 for the last number of years but they felt that Division 4 would be better suited to that team. They put a proposal forward to allow their team to be regraded into Division 4. This proposal was presented to Club delegates at last Mondays County board meeting. Their proposal was carried and the current structure of Division 3 (10 teams) and Divison 4 (12 Teams) will change to a new 9 Team Divison 3 and a 13 team Divison 4.

This change will necessitate the abandonment of the current fixtures for Divisons 3 & 4 and the redrawing of new fixtures. It is expected that a new plan of fixtures for both Divisions will be announced this coming weekend. It is also expected that Divison 4 will commence on weekend of 24/25 Marta while the Division 3 start date will commence as previously expected on the following weekend – 31 Marta/01 Aibrean.



14-Mar-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO