Following recent enquiries for clarification of derogation from Rial 129 the following has been supplied by the CCC.

It appears that further clarification on the CCC Interpretation of Liatroim derogation from Rial 129 TO 2007 may be required. Please note the following points:

The League Status of Players graded for the ACL by having been named on First/Second/Third 13s is not in any way affected by the their championship status as determined in Club Championship 2007 and vice versa.

If your club uses less than 17 players at a particular grade, it is not necessary to bring that number up to 17 by subsequently naming two extra players, if they have not yet played. They become ineligible to play at a lower grade only when they have played at the higher grade and are among the first 17 players used at that grade.

If your club uses only 15 players in Round 1, and subsequently uses a 16th and/or 17th player at that grade in subsequent games then these players only become ineligible from that point forward to play at any other grade other than your clubs highest grade team, irrespective of whether they have played a lower grade in the meantime. The same applies in the grading of your club’s second and subsequent teams.

Ordinarily, the order in which substitute players play in any given match will determine if they are among the 17 players ineligible to play at a lower grade, in other words if a club uses 5 substitutes in Round 1 or any subsequent round, the first 2, in order, of these players used will be ruled ineligible to play at a lower level, until such time as the club has used 17 players at a givenÓgrade. Exception: Blood/Temporary Substitute(s) used at any grade.

In the case of team which may use 15/16 players in Round 1 and subsequently makes changes to its starting 15 in Round 2, or any subsequent Round, which brings the total number of players used at that grade over the maximum 17 excluded from playing at a lower grade, the club will be required to nominate the players from among the extras used, ie the said 1 or 2 players who will be added to the 15/16 used at that grade in the earlier rounds, to bring the total number ineligible at lower grade to a maximum of 17. If it is the case that the games take place in successive grades on consecutive days, or indeed immediately following each other, clubs are advised, in this case, to have that nomination done immediately following the first game by informing Rúnaí CCC. This may apply from Round 2 forward only.

In the case of a club with three/four championship teams, if the club has only used 15/16 players in its first team and has used 17 players in its second team, then if/when 1/2 players are used in the first team to bring the number to the maximum of 17 deemed ineligible to play at any other than the club’s highest graded team, then the next 1/2 players to play on the clubs second team will have been deemed ineligible to play at any other grade than the club’s first or second team. The same will follow from second to third team.

Put simply:

A Club with 2 Championship teams the maximum number of club players ineligible to play on 2nd team = 17

A Club with 3 Championship teams the maximum number of club players ineligible to play on 3rd team = 34

A Club with 4 Championship teams the maximum number of club players ineligible to play on 4th team = 51

Members of the Leitrim Senior Panel for Connacht SFC/All-Ireland Qualifier 2007 are ineligible to play at any grade of Club Championship other than a club’s highest graded team.



19-Jul-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO