PODCASTS – generating alot of interest


The podcast section was originally planned for next month but due to the wonderful achievement of the Ladies Team I couldnt resist the opportunity to capture the golden moments in audio format and so Ive released this new section ahead of schedule.

This pre-release has proved very effective as there has been a large numbers of visitors visiting the podcast area and downloading the audio files.

The overall aim is to provide regular audio clips for you to listen to online or for you to download and play back at a time that suits you on a device that suits you. Regular podcasts will be produced covering all areas of interest to visitors to this site. All podcasts are created in MP3 format as it is the most widely accepted and compatibale audio format.

I would like to thank the local radio stations and commentators covering Leitrim for their permission to use their material to create the podcasts related to the Ladies All Ireland win. We are not finished with the Ladies podcasts yet as more interviews are expected on local radio over the weekend and I intend publishing them on this site.

While a small number of gaa related audio files are available from Radio Stations I believe, from the limited research Ive performed, that Leitrim GAA is the first County GAA site to produce and provide its own podcasts. A quick search has shown that we are the number 1 site onÓgoogle for gaa podcasts !

– Brendan








28-Sep-07 by Brendan Doyle – PRO