Club Officer Profile – Treasurer

An Cisteoir – ( Club Treasurer )

Looking after the Club funds is his/her main responsibility. Managing the day to day accounts, dealing with financial institutions on behalf of the club. The post carries with it the portrayal of a good image of the GAA at community level.

Duties of the Club Treasurer.
– Receive money on behalf of the club
– Lodge all monies to the club accounts
– Pay money out on behalf of the club
– Keep a record of all transactions
– Enter transactions in Income and Expenditure Books
– Give receipts for money received and get receipts for money paid out
– Keep receipts on file, make all payments by cheque
– Keep all bank statements, cheque stubs, and lodgement records
– Collect all fees due to club and forward all relevant fees through An Runai to appropriate bodies
– Present an up-to-date financial statement to each club meeting
– Prepare Annual Financial Statement and Balance Sheet for Club AGM.

Ideally the Treasurer should chair the club finance committee and be aware of club?s financial situation especially if funds are getting low. Reporting to club executive committee the treasurer is seen as the Club Planner, Organiser, Controller, Recorder and Reporter.
This is above all a position of trust and the careful selection of people for the job goes without saying.

This is a guide to some of the main roles of the treasurer.



30-Dec-07 by PJ Meehan – Development Officer