FBD- Leitrim v Galway

Connacht FBD League

Leitrim 1-09 Galway 0-13

Leitrims second outing of the year was a frustrating affair. While it was not a particluarly physical encounter it was a game that saw 11 yellow and 3 red cards issued. Galway dominated the first half and Leitrim gave a very spirited effort in the second.

The first half saw a very strong Galway midfield dominate as they played at a lively pace into the scoreboard end of the field. Leitrim opened the Scóring with a James Glancy point which was followed by a Michael Meehan point and then a point by David Ward.  Leitrims Emlyn Mulligan replied with a point but Galway hit their purple patch as they registered 5 points unanswered. Emlyn Mulligan scored another point followed by Declan Maxwell late in the half.  Ward and Meehan both scored one point each and the final score of the half came from Leitrims Emlyn Mulligan from a free.  Despite their dominance in the middle sector Galways tally was only 4 points ahead of Leitrim.  Half time score Leitrim 0-5 Galway 0-9

The second half was a red affair as 3 players were sent marching in various different incidents. The first, early in the half was a controversal decision as Leitrims Michael Duignan received a yellow and then was shown a red.  It appears that no previous yellow card had been issued to Duignan.  Towards the end of the game the Galway team ended with 13 players as as their captain Kieran Fitzgerald and and half back Darren Mullahy were shown the line in seperate incidents late in the second half.

Despite the early sending off of Duignan this was Leitrims better half.  Points were traded early as it was Meehan, Mulligan twice and Meehan again all from frees. James Glancy scored from play and Emlyn Mulligan registered his 6th point from frees.  Galway took the next two points, one each from Meehan and Fiacra Breathnach.  This brought Galways score difference back to 4 points.  A fumble in the Galway small rectangle and a subsequent foul on Declan Maxwell resulted in a penalty which Mulligan cooly slotted home.  A one point game that Leitrim have seen all too often.  A gallant final push from Leitrim was not enough to breach the Galway defense for a final score and the game ended in a Galway win by the smallest of margins. – Leitrim 1-09 Galway 0-13

LEITRIM: nÓgill; D Reynolds, J McKeon, A OFlynn; B Prior, B McWeeney, S Foley; G McCloskey (Capt.), M Duignan; C Regan, E Mulligan (1-6f), M Foley; J Glancy (0-2), D Brennan, D Maxwell (0-1).

Subs: C Duignan for D Brennan. D Duignan for B Prior.


GALWAY: A Flaherty; K Fitzgerald (Capt.) F Hanley, D Burke, N Coyne, D Blake, D Mullahy, J Bergn, M Lydon (0-1), N Coleman, F Breathnach (0-3), D Meehan, D Dunleavy, M Meehan (0-6f), D Ward (0-3).

Subs: B Cullinane for D Meehan.

REF: D Corcoran (Mayo).




14-Jan-08 by Brendan Doyle – PRO