Referee apologises for Error

Connacht Council have confirmed to Leitrim GAA that last Sundays referee in Leitrims Connacht FBD game against Galway has admitted making a mistake in the sending off of Michael Duignan in his referees report. In addition the referee Declan Corcoran, has also apologised to Michael Duignan, the Leitrim players and management for the error which resulted in Leitrim being reduced to 14 players from the 12th minute of the second half.

The error occurred when Michael received a yellow card followed by a red card as the referee mistook him for another Leitrim player who was booked earlier. Michael had not in fact received an earlier yellow card.

Leitrim County Board made their concerns known to Connacht Council about the error through appropriate channels immediately after the game and this latest news is welcomed as the red card is now rescinded and Michaels record is cleared. Should the red card (double yellow) have been recorded then Michael would have faced the risk of an automatic 2 week suspension in the event of receiving another red (2 yellows) in a game in the proceeding 48 weeks.




16-Jan-08 by Brendan Doyle – PRO