Fixtures masterplan dilemma for Leitrim Clubs

At the county board meeting of Coiste Chontae Liatroma of 11 Feabhra, a discussion around the timeframe of club fixtures for the 2008 season took place and the difficulties that face CCC Liatroma in the planning of the year ahead were pointed out, particularly with regard to the vast array of county fixtures that are due to be played at the various levels and codes, and the particular dates that apply to these fixtures and the gaps that are planned between particular games at these levels and codes.


It was pointed out and accepted by the delegates that the discussion was mainly to aScórtain views and it was not in any degree intended that decisions would be taken with regard to starting dates for competitions etc at the meeting, as this is the function of the CCC. No confirmed starting dates were made available to the meeting.


Further to this discussion the CCC are requesting at this stage that clubs consult with their delegates who were present at the meeting and, in consultation with the other interested parties in your club, CCC Liatroma would welcome your views regarding the following:


– What are your clubs views regarding approximate dates for the commencement Club Championships 2008, considering that recently and traditionally the Club Championship has not commenced until Liatroim has completed Senior Inter County activity?

– Given that, as pointed out at the meeting, this may prove to be a more difficult year to plan Club Fixtures, what would be your clubs position with regard to the suggestion of playing a number of league fixtures without county senior players?


It must be pointed out that this is a consultative process which should be viewed in the context of the points that were made at last Mondays meeting and CCC Liatroma will welcome your views on the matters as discussed on the night and mentioned here in advance of a Club Fixture Plan being committed to.


CCC Liatroma recognises the fact that club delegates could not commit to concrete views at the meeting, but points made were valued and the very fact that a consultative process was engaged in was appreciated.


Ultimately your clubs views are now invited for consideration in the planning of the 2008 Club Fixture Calendar, and in this regard submissions should be made no later than 6pm ar an Luan 18 Feabhra 2008.


It is important, in the overall context, that your club responds to this request.

A Master Fixture Plan outlining Inter County activity 2008 is available to download and very quickly shows a congested fixture schedule that leaves little room for maneuver for Club competitions. Please take the time and make the effort to have a look at the schedule as this affords every Club member a chance to have a say in the format for the year.



14-Feb-08 by Brendan Doyle – PRO