Possible – Scenarios

Situation 1. If Limerick fail to beat Down then the result with Limerick and Leitrim is not important unless its a draw. Sligo must then beat Longford by a minimum of 3 points. If Leitrim bet Limerick, Limerick and Longford would be relegated. If Limerick won then Leitrim and Longford would be relegated.

Situation 2. If Limerick fail to bet Down but draw with Leitrim. Sligo would have to beat Longford by a large margin to avoid relegation on score-difference. Depending on the score in the Down v Limerick game the margin might be small. Then Limerick and Longford would be relegated on score difference.

Situation 3. If Limerick Beat Down, then we have to hope that they beat Leitrim and Sligo win again by at least 3 points otherwise its hello Tommy Murphy Theres probably an odd mistake in the situations I havent gone into it inÓgreat detail. But the mainÓgoal is to beat Longford by 3 points. Sounds easy but itsn not. Best of luck lads!!! Youll need it



06-Apr-08 by Brendan Doyle – PRO