Senior Champ Groups – Round 3 – Update

Seven out of eight have guaranteed their place in the quarter-finals. The last round of the group stages is complete bar one last game inÓgroup 2 between Kiltubrid and Allen Gaels which will decide the 2nd position in the group and more importantly the 8th place in the quarters. The score difference criteria could apply to this game to decide the placings.


Group 1

Annaduff got to the Quarters on full points. Carrigallen are in 2nd placing, Annaduff must await the outcome of Allen Gaels v Kiltubrid. Carrigallen will face Group 1 winners Glencar Manorhamilton in two weeks time.
Drumreilly in relegation semifinal with Allen Gaels or Kiltubrid


Group 2

Final Game:  Allen Gaels v Kiltubrid

Glencar Manorhamilton are through on full points and meet Carrigallen who are the Group 1 runner up. In teh postponed game we have a local derby as both teams fight for the last place. Kiltubrid have the better score difference so a draw is the minimum result needed. Allen Gaels know that a draw wont be enough and they no doubt will draw inspiration from the game in Cloone as they will look to emulate Sean OHeslins. It will be a frustrating week for both camps as they try to get themselves up for the game after having to lay down tools last Saturday afternoon.


Group 3

Melvin Gaels are in the Quarter finals with 3 points and meet Bornacoola. score difference didnt apply in this group as Sean OHeslins needed full points while a draw was the minimum for Mohill. Sean OHeslins were fully deserving of their win in a game that saw them put it up to Mohill from the start and surprisingly Mohill were slow to respond. The Mohill goal came in the last few minutes of the game but OHeslins held out. Sean OHeslins to meet Group 4 winners St Marys while Mohill to face Aughawillan in the relegation semifinal.


Group 4

St. Marys win means that they have full points and will play Sean O Heslins in the quarters. St Marys win also decided the fate of Borncoola as the defeat of Aughawillan ensured their place in the quarters against Group 3 winners Melvin Gaels. Aughawillan will face Mohill in the relegation semifinal.



Facing Relegation semifinal –
Drumreilly v Allen Gaels or Kiltubrid
Mohill v Aughawillan.


Quarters –
Group 1 Winners – Annaduff
v Grp 2 Runners Up – Kiltubrid or Allen Gaels

Group 2 Winners – Glencar / Manorhamilton
v Grp 1 Runners Up – Carrigallen

Group 3 Winners – Melvin Gaels
v Grp 4 Runners Up – Bornacoola

Group 4 Winners – St Marys
v Grp 3 Runners Up – Sean O Heslins




19-Aug-08 by Brendan Doyle – PRO