Leitrim players support Mental Health and Well Being initiative

Some of Leitrims best-known footballers joined forces with leading youth organisation SpunOut.ie last week to encourage young people to speak about their problems.

Inter-county stars Emlyn Mulligan, Barry Prior and Colin Regan all feature on a new video produced by SpunOut.ie that can be watched online talking about mental health and well being.
The video, which has been released to coincide with World Mental Health Day on October 10, was made to encourage Leitrims young people, and in particular young men, to vocalize any problems that they may have.

Speaking at the launch of the video last Thursday in Carrick-on-Shannon, Leitrim stalwart Colin Regan outlined the importance of communication.  "If you bottle up your feelings, then your emotions and tough situations can seem overwhelming. Dont try to manÓge everything by yourself. Try and talk to someone. There are people willing to help you get through any situation. SpunOut.ie is a great resource to find this help."

Local SpunOut.ie representative Ian Howley (24), who himself went through depression and suicided attempts in his teens, explained why the organization sought the help of local GAA stars for their latest campaign.

"A partnership with the Leitrim GAA was specifically set up to target young men who find it hard to talk about their problems. There is this perception that if you are seen to have problems or worries, that you are weak. This is not the case. Everyone goes through tough times at some stage in their lives and today we are encouraging young people and especially young males to speak up. "

SpunOut.ie can be accessed via the internet and mobile phones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The website provides 100s of factsheets on all aspects of youth health, lifestyle and citizenship including drugs, alcohol, sexual health, mental health, environment, work and education.

Click on the new YouTube facility on the right to play the SpunOut Video featuring the 3 lads.



09-Oct-08 by LeitrimPost.com