Leitrim in Croke Park

In August last a group from the Na Fianna Handball Club in Dublin, came to the Fenagh Handball court to play a friendly with a Leitrim selection. It was a very enjoyable day, so it was decided then that a return would be made to the Na Fianna club before the end of the year.

This took place on Saturday the 1st of December, as a group from Fenagh, Drumkeerin and Drumshambo Clubs made there way to the Na Fianna Handball Court, which is no other but the famous Croke Park court.

It was a great occasion for these youngsters just to be in this famous court but also to have the opportunity to play here, and play they did in both the 40×20 and the 60×30 courts. All it being a friendly occasion,there were many competitive matches on the day. The friendship that were formed on the first meeting in Fenagh were obviously not forgotten,and friendship were quickly renewed.

A trip of the great Croke Park took place, taking in the dressing rooms, Corporate areas, press rooms..etc..a very interesting tour,and everyones thought was that the place looks even bigger when it is empty!

It was a great day everyone enjoyed it,and is now penciled in as a annual event, and hopefully a overnight to go with it next year.

Many thanks to the Na Fianna Club for there hospitality and helpfullness and especially Kevin and Frank,two guys who work really hard at this level of coaching their juveline players,and have a great way with them in this regard.



15-Dec-08 by Brendan Christy – Handball