Clarification regarding Qualifier Round 2 draw procedures


Earlier today a news item was released entitled "Novel ticket deals to entice fans ".  This item included news regarding the 2nd round Qualifier draw and the method of tossing a coin to decide home advantage which was to be perfomed at Mondays CCCC meeting.

The tossing of a coin method mentioned in the article is no longer valid following the notification sent out by Croke Park this afternoon regarding the use of 4 bowls and the NEW method to decide home and away status:



"Just to clarify the draw will take the following structure:

Bowl 1 – Provincial Semi-Final Losers.

Bowl 2 – 1 st Round Qualifier Winners.

Bowl 3 – Home or Away

Bowl 4 – Dump bowl for County Slips.

A capsule will be drawn from Bowl 1, it shall remain closed and be placed in Bowl 3.

A Capsule will be drawn from Bowl 2, it shall remain closed and be placed in Bowl 3.

The capsules in Bowl 3 are stirred well, one is drawn and opened. This is the home team of tie 1.
The remaining capsule is drawn and opened and this becomes the away team in Tie 1.

The opened capsules and slips are placed in the Dump bowl and this procedure continues until all ties are decided."



03-Jul-09 by Brendan Doyle – PRO