2009 Junior B Championship Draw

Following a CCC meeting this evening the format and draw for the 2009 Junior B Championship was announced.  There is a slight change to the format from that used last year in an effort to reduce the extended time taken to complete the competition. 

Last year 2 groups consisting of 5 and 4 teams played in a league fashion, the competition started in 24th Aug and the final was on Nov 16th. This year the format is adjusted to include an extra group thus reducing the time required to play the various legs of the group.  The format will consist of 2 four team groups and 1 three team group.  When the group stages are over the placings of each team is crucial in determining the quarterfinal and semifinal makeup. 

The top team in each of the 4 team groups goes straight into the semi final while the 2nd placings of those groups and the top 2 in the 3rd group play a quarterfinal round.  Relegation is also adjusted to take account of the new format.  Please note the format as outlined below.

The full groupings and the competition format lineout as follows:

Group 1
Round 1
Allen Gaels v Glencar/Manor
Dromahair v Aughnasheelin
Round 2
Aughnasheelin v Allen Gaels
Glencar/Manor v Dromahair
Round 3
Allen Gaels v Dromahair
Aughnasheelin v Glencar/Manor
Group 2
Round 1
St Osnats v Cloone
St Marys v Aughavas
Round 2
Aughavas v St Osnats
Cloone v St Marys
Round 3
St Osnats v St Marys
Aughavas v Cloone
Group 3
Round 1
Fenagh-St Caillins v Annaduff
Round 2
Annaduff v Aughawillan
Round 3
Aughawillan v Fenagh-St.Caillins