Connacht Champ 2010 – Leitrim get bye to semifinals


Leitrim got a bye to the Connacht semi final in 2010 and will probably play their game in Hyde park in Roscommon as the winners of London v Roscommon are the opponents.  While London will be a force to be reckoned with this year the Rossies will be determined to cut a path to the semis and take on Leitrim on their home patch.  Leitrim have a score to settle so its going to be a lively championship season in 2010 even though RTEs pundit Kevin McStay has Leitrim written off already.

Galway will also travel this year and they head to New York for their opening game so this left Leitrim, Mayo and Sligo as the teams to fill the remaining positions.  Out of the 3 teams Mayo are drawn against Sligo in the prelim game and the winners will take on the winners of Galway/NY. The big guns of Mayo, Sligo and Galway are all on the other side of the draw and this should make for a very entertaining year.


A. New York v Galway

B. London v Roscommon

C. Mayo v Sligo

D. Leitrim Bye.



A v C   – New York/Galway v Mayo/Sligo

B v D   – London/Roscommon v Leitrim




22-Oct-09 by Brendan Doyle – PRO