As my final official message on this site in a PROs capacity, I would like to thank all of the thousands of visitors to the site over the last number of years who keep coming back to us on a regular basis. To the many contributors from the various sections and sub committees, to the webteam and in particular James Molloy and Brian Blake who have added a whole new dimension to the site with their photo and video galleries.  To the County Board officers who have supported all of our IT initiatives and given me that support without quibble, to the many media contacts who have been very courteous and helpful throughout the 4 years and in particular thanks to our local media – Shannonside, Ocean FM and The Leitrim Observer.

I now hand over the PRO reins to the very capable Colette Fox who will be providing all of the PRO duties from here on, I will however remain in the background as IT Officer and one of the duties will involve the continuous development of this and other Leitrim related sites.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

– Brendan




23-Dec-09 by Brendan Doyle – IT Officer