Dublin Supporters Club & Leitrim GAA pay tribute to outgoing officers

The Dublin Supporters Club and Leitrim GAA took the opportunity to pay tribute to the outgoing officers at the GAA Awards night on Saturday night.

Eamonn Duignan spoke on behalf of the Dublin Supporters Club as follows:

"I would like to say a few short words on the retirement under the five year rule of the county board officers Gerry McGovern, Declan Bohan, Peter Flynn, Brendan Doyle & PJ Meehan. Over the last five years Leitrim have been very fortunate to have officers of their calibre working on behalf of the GAA in Leitrim.

In their term of office they undertook all their work on behalf of Leitrim GAA with total professionalism. The major financial project which they took on was of course the new stand in Pairc Sean. Over the last few years all around the world we have seen total incompetence on a large scale in many aspects of society. But here in Leitrim, Irelands smallest county with a population of 28,000 people, we raised €2.5 million towards the cost of the new stand from the various bodes including our supporters. The Board set down their objective, planned it, executed and the result of their work is there for everybody to see and enjoy. The beneficiaries of their their work is not only the GAA, but all the businesses in Leitrim who benefit on big match days when 10,000 to 15,000 people attend our matches in Pairc Sean. I would like to, on behalf of the Supporters in Dublin to say congratulations on a job well done and it was a real pleasure working with you over the last five years. Leitrim GAA and the County of Leitrim are forever in your debt.

The supporters club in Dublin will continue to assist Joe and his new officers in whatever they ask us to do. Joe has set out the Annaduff training centre as his priority. It is a very different climate at the moment but I know from my involvement that Leitrim Co Board is one of the highest regarded county boards by Croke Park officials in the manner in which they conduct their affairs. Annaduff training centre will be developed in phases, it may take longer than we all wish for, but with Joe and his new board it will be completed. I wish you all the best of luck in the year ahead."

On behalf of Leitrim GAA, Chairman Joe Flynn also paid glowing tributes to the outgoing officers and special presentations were made to Gerry McGovern, Declan Bohan, Peter Flynn and Brendan Doyle in recognition of their outstanding service to Leitrim GAA during their terms of office.



26-Jan-10 by Colette Fox – PRO