Faigh an bealach le Philly

The Title and Lyrics for the song pencilled in memory of Philly.  It was aired for the first time at Phillys Months Mind Mass at the weekend and will be recorded in the next few weeks with proceeds to Philly McGuinness Memorial Park.

Fág an bealach le Philly.

Lyrics by Matt Gaffey Gerry Mc Loughlin & Rachel Mc Loughlin.
Music by Rachel Mc Loughlin.

The bright young star hadnt reached his prime,
When the Lord in his wisdom early called time.
We mourn his departure we are sad and we sigh,
For hes signed up to play for the All Saints on high.

Philly McGuinness was the young mans name.
He was a hero of Mohill and Leitrim fame.
Philly its so sad and a sinful shame,
That you shall no longer grace our GAA game.


Fág an tine, Fear an tì.
Fág an bealach le Philly.
Glás agus bán ag shèideadh sa gaoth,
Fág an bealach le Philly.

To his team mates Philly was a priceless treasure,
His value to the team impossible to measure.
A royal role model with energy and skill,
All the youngsters loved him and always will.

We will miss those red locks as you jumped so high,
When you grabbed the ball from the bright blue sky.
You shoot and the green flag is waved up high,
Golden Philly turns to cheers and he punches the sky.


On that faithful day, as you played so well,
With your number 10, nobody could tell,
That an accidental blow could cause so many to cry.
Oh Philly, dear Philly you were too young to die.

With regret and sadness you are gone to your reward,
It remains for the analysts your greatness to record,
Philly youve been chosen now to joinÓgods team,
Your memory lives forever you were the finest ever seen.

Chorus x 2.


Repeat Last Line in English………. Leave the way for Philly.



17-May-10 by Leitrim GAA