Commencement dates for ACL and MFL 2011 announced by CCC Liatroma

CCC Liatroma have advised that at the first meeting of CCC Liatroma the following commencement dates for
ACL 2011 and MFL have been planned and agreed. The Master Fixture Plan 2011 and complete fixture list will
be finalised and circulated once affiliations have been confirmed.

ACL Division 1 – W/E 5/6 March
ACL Division 2 – W/E 5/6 March
ACL Division 3 – W/E 12/13 March
ACL Division 4 – W/E 5/6 March
ACL Division 5 – W/E 26/27 February
MFL – W/E 19/20 February

Trusting Clubs will find this limited information useful at this stage.



23-Jan-11 by Colette Fox – PRO