Gortletteragh beat Leitrim Gaels in Minor Championship 11 a-side Final

The Minor Championship 11 a-side Final took place in Pairc Sean last Wednesday betweenÓgortletteragh and Leitrim Gaels and it was quite obvious from the first ten minutes that the Gortletteragh team were the much stronger of the two.

The game opened with a score for Leitrim Gaels with a lovely point from Michael McManus in the first 30 seconds but Gortletteragh hit back with a move that saw Alan McCann provide a pass to Padraig Gallagher who fired and got Gortletteraghs first goal. For the next ten minutes Gortletteragh were unstoppable with points from Barry Tiernan, Niall Woods, Patrick Heslin, Padraig Gallagher and Evan Ward.

To Leitrim Gaels credit they dug in and reduced a seven point lead to just two before half time with points from Dylan Ahern and Michael McManus and a good move between Aaron McLoughlin and Pierce Daly saw the ball passed swiftly to Michael McManus who scored a great low shot to the back of the Gortletteragh net. This left just two points between the teams but Gortletteragh hit back with a great goal from Alan McCann who had received a lovely pass from Padraig Gallagher. This left the half time score Gortletteragh 2-05  Leitrim Gaels 1-03.

The second half saw Gortletteragh starting very strong with two frees from Padraig Gallagher. McManus for Leitrim Gaels scored a point but was quickly followed by a point from Gortletteraghs Alan McCann. The killer score came eight minutes on when Padraig Gallagher after a long run scored their third goal giving Gortletteragh a nine point lead. McManus and Gallagher both got points for their sides and then Leitrim Gaels were awarded a penalty for a foul on Colm Moreton. Enda Moreton struck the ball well but Gortletteraghs keeper Niall Tiernan saved the shot. Gortletteragh got the ball back down and their fourth goal was scored by Evan Ward. Three more points were added by Gortletteragh, two from Gallagher and one from McCann to ensure their victory over Leitrim Gaels. Final score was Gortletteragh 4-12 Leitrim Gaels 1-05.


Niall Tiernan, Alan McGarry, David Mulvey, Patrick Heslin (0-1), Niall Mulvey, Niall Woods (0-1) Barry Tiernan (0-1), John Reynolds, Evan Ward (1-1) Padraig Gallagher (2-6) Alan McCann (0-2) Subs: Padraig Campbell & Owen OBradaigh for McCann & Ward (46 mins)


Adrian Keaveney, Liam Cox, Damien Flynn, Pierce Daly, Aaron McLoughlin, Michael McManus (1-4) Colm Moreton, Enda Moreton, Dylan Ahern (0-1) Jody Nolan, David McNulty

REFEREE: Sean McCartan




08-Sep-11 by Gerri Mulhern – PRO – Coiste na nÓg