FBD Insurance League 2012

FBD Insurance league 2012 fixtures

Section A

Round 1
Sligo IT v Galway, 7.30pm – Wednesday 4th January
Sligo v NUIG, 7.30pm – Wednesday 4th January

Round 2
Sligo IT v London, 7.30pm – Friday 6th January
Sligo v London, 2pm – Sunday 8th January
NUIG v Galway 2pm – Sunday 8th January

Round 3
NUIG v London, 7.30 – Friday 13th January
Sligo IT v Sligo, 2pm – Sunday 15th January
Galway v London, 2pm – Sunday 15th January

Round 4
IT Sligo v NUIG, 2pm – Sunday 22nd January
Galway v Sligo, 2pm – Sunday 22nd January

Section B

Round 1
GMIT v Roscommon, 2pm – Sunday 8th January
Mayo v Leitrim, 2pm – Sunday 8th January

Round 2
Leitrim v Roscommon, 2pm – Sunday 15th January
Mayo v GMIT, 2pm – Sunday 15th January

Round 3
GMIT v Leitrim, 2pm – Sunday 23rd January
Roscommon v Mayo, 2pm – Sunday 23rd January

Home Final – 29th January

Final – 7th October

Format for deciding League & Round Robin Format

Where Teams finish with equal points for Qualification for the Concluding Stages, the tie shall be decided by the following means and in the order specified, subject to Clause (d) below –

(i)Where two Teams only are involved – the outcome of the meeting of the two Teams in the previous game in the Competition.
(ii) Scóring Difference (subtracting the total scores Against from total scores For)
(iii) Highest Total score For.
(iv) A Play Off.
(d) If Disqualifications, Retirements or Walk Overs materially affect the outcome of the Points Totals (scores) in the League Stage of a Championship, there shall be Play Offs to determine Qualification for the Concluding Stages of the Championship, Third Level Colleges have first call on the First 3 Players from a County.



08-Nov-11 by Colette Fox – PRO