This weekend we hope our supporters will vacate the armchairs

Anois teacht an Earraigh 

St. Brigid seems to get things moving. Her feast, on the first day of Spring, is a sort of a benchmark for brighter evenings, a return to growth and a general air of anticipation and hope. It is a time of optimism, when we trust that things must surely get better.

The footballers of Leitrim and Limerick will certainly be party to such thoughts. They know last year’s League and Championship are now just another part of GAA statistics, from now on it is a whole new ball game. We can all dare to dream.

Long odds are given by the bookies on either county bringing home Sam, even on nabbing a provincial crown, but heads won’t be down. It all starts on Sunday, the first step in really gauging their place in the pecking order. Two points would be a nice start in what is a very competitive Division IV of the Allianz League. No point in finishing mid-table, or worse still, towards the bottom. The only way is up. A step into Division III would be a nice little marker for the rest of the year and would make the bigger guns take notice. More importantly it would be a morale booster for the players who have been slogging it out in training over the past weeks, when the rest of us cosied up and flicked through the sporting channels.

But this weekend we hope our supporters will vacate the armchairs and flock to Pairc Sean and make a vote of confidence in their team. It is a big day for both Leitrim and Limerick, much more than just two Allianz League points.

For the young home followers there is a special attraction ‘ a half time draw for girls and boys to win Leitrim jerseys and also garner a coaching session for their school by a member of the county team. Why not have our own role models and footballing heroes!    

And don’t forget to check out our gallery section for a copy of the match poster.  Photographs from the game will be available on Monday.

Collette Fox

PRO Coiste Chontae Liatroma




02-Feb-12 by Colette Fox – PRO