Under 12 Mini League

 Under 12 mini leagues playing rules & regulations




  • Pitch dimensions 90-100m x 40-50m.

  • 2 x 20 min halves.

  • Max. 11 players per team, but can be less.

  • All players must get meaninfull playing time.

  • Play commences with a throw-in as normal.

  • All kick outs from the 20m line.

  • Kick outs can be from the hand or from the ground.

  • The side to side (shoulder) charge is permitted.

  • Four steps rule as normal.

  • Players are restricted to two plays per possession after which the ball must be passed or kicked. Note:-Droping the ball and picking again or dribbling by the player who had possession will be deemed a third play.

  • Free kicks may be taken from the hand or from the ground.

  • The player who is fouled takes the free and when an opponent fouls the ball e.g. overcarries it, the player nearest the ball takes the free.

  • The opponent nearest to where the ball crosses the sideline, takes the sideline kick from the hands.

  • When a defender playes the ball over his/her own endline, the other team are awarded a free kick (45) from the centre of the field opposite where the ball crossed the endline.

  • Opposing players to be at least 5m fromthe player taking a free kick, sideline kick or kick out. Free kicks should be no closer that 13m from the opposing endline.

  • No penalty kicks.


Respect Initiative

  • Players line up and shake hands before and after the game.

  • Mentors to wear the respect bibs.

  • Referee’s are requested to record on their report form if respect initiative has been observed.




23-May-12 by Colette Fox – PRO