Leitrim CCC Regulations 2013

Leitrim CCC Regulations 2013

1 (a) Postponements will be granted only on the death of a club player/official or immediate family member (parent, brother, sister, spouse, child) of either.

(b) Responsibility for communicating with the CCCC will lie with club seeking the postponement. When a game is postponed the referee will be notified by the CCCC.

(c) No individual member of the CCCC is allowed sanction postponements or alter agreed fixtures.

(d) Where a postponement is agreed the CCCC secretary shall agree an alternative date with the club who agreed to the postponement. The club who sought the original postponement will not be offered a choice in the matter or allowed suggest an alternative date.

2 All fixtures shall be co-ordinated by the Chair and Secretary of CCCC in between CCCC meetings.

3 Requests for ‘free dates’ in League or Championship will not be entertained after a specified date by the CCCC (one month prior to fixture)

4 Clubs that rearrange a fixture without the permission of CCCC shall lose the game/points as appropriate.

5 In League games where clubs fail to field a team the game shall be awarded to their opponents and the offending team shall have a point deducted from its points total and shall be subject to a fine decided by the CCCC in accordance with Official Guide.

6 Fines will be imposed on clubs for late fielding.

7 Failure to have pitches properly marked by the hosting club will result in fines

8 In the League if the home team’s pitch or nominated home team’s pitch is unplayable they must travel to their opponents pitch. If the opponents pitch is unplayable the CCCC will decide on an alternative venue. Ample notification must be provided by club to facilitate such a situation, the latest time for notification by a club being 9am on the morning of the game. Match points to be awarded against any team refusing to field.

9 Only correspondence by email from club Secretary to Secretary of CCCC shall be considered.   




15-Feb-13 by Colette Fox – PRO