Leitrim Club Officer Training

County Development Officer, Pat Feely has organised Club Officer Training for this Friday 5 April 2013 in Carrick on Shannon Community School at 7.30pm.

Specific Club Officers who are asked to attend:-


Presentation will cover

  • Club Constitution – to be included in handout
  • Management – Structures in Clubs
  • Effective Meetings
  • Vision & Planning Ahead
  • Delegation & Volunteering
  • Club Activity Checklist
  • Club Officer Roles
  • Rules Query Protocol
  • Contacts (eg County Development Officers, website, County Board offices etc)

If clubs would like or think that there should be other material included, contact County Development Officer, Pat Feely developmentofficer.leitrim@gaa.ie or Tel: 086 8961686

It is proposed to hold a Information Technology evening at a later date.



14-Mar-13 by Colette Fox – PRO