County Development Officer, Pat Feely has organised Club Officer Training for this Friday 5 April 2013 in Carrick on Shannon Community School at 7.30pm.

Specific Club Officers who are asked to attend:-


Presentation will cover

  • Club Constitution – to be included in handout
  • Management – Structures in Clubs
  • Effective Meetings
  • Vision & Planning Ahead
  • Delegation & Volunteering
  • Club Activity Checklist
  • Club Officer Roles
  • Rules Query Protocol
  • Contacts (eg County Development Officers, website, County Board offices etc)

If clubs would like or think that there should be other material included, contact County Development Officer, Pat Feely or Tel: 086 8961686

It is proposed to hold a Information Technology evening at a later date.



14-Mar-13 by Colette Fox – PRO