Important Rule Changes

Please be are aware that there are two Rule changes, passed at Congress, which became part of the Rule Book on 22 March, which directly effect the message delivered on the pre-Christmas DVD “Rule changes of Gaelic Football 2014” and a hand-out issued at that time.

These two changes are:

(1.) To act by deed, word or gesture of a racist, sectarian or anti-inclusion/diversity nature against an opponent is now an Immediate Ordering Off Infraction (Straight Red Card).

(2.) The penalty for Repeat Category I Infraction is changed to:

       Three (3) x Double Yellows within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension;

       Three (3) x Yellow followed by a Black card within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension


A combination of both (totalling three (3)) within 48 weeks = 1 game suspension.

The one (1) game suspension is applicable to the next game in the Competition in which the third ordering-off occurred at all levels, except Senior inter-county League and Championship.



31-Mar-14 by Leitrim GAA