Unique Four County Initiative to Get People Back from Abroad

Unique Four County Initiative to Get People Back from Abroad

While Leitrim, Roscommon, Longford and Cavan all have eyes on the upcoming championship there is a bigger prize available for them on May 8th in the Longford Arms at 8pm. Ahead of the big games the four counties are combining in a unique initiative to get their people home from Canada, Australia and other corners of the world.

“The question all four counties are asking is what can we do as family, Sports people, Clubs, communities, networks, Counties etc to support/create/generate local economic activity?”

So if you are involved in a club in any of the four counties or indeed are a parent or aunt/uncle/granndparent we would like you to come along to the “Play Your Part – Help Get Your People Home” Event on May 8th.

Under the umbrella of the Upper Shannon Erne Future Economy project, a group of people have been working to come up with ways to create employment in this region which is made up of Roscommon, Longford, Leitrim and Cavan. These are private business owners in the main who are giving time out of busy schedules to give back to their areas and are serious about making this work. They have the backing of the Four GAA County Committees, County Councils as well as the strong support of Bord na Mona and Connect Ireland.

In Ireland, we tend very quickly to be able to identify how we know someone through our connections whether we are in Roscommon, New Zealand, New York or London we tend to quickly find how a person is connected to someone we know. This project is asking Irish people to hone these skills to see how they can be the “link or connector” to ensure any chance of a business setting up a European base has its base in Ireland and hopefully within one of these four counties.

Each of the four counties has seen many of their female and male players leave their clubs and in some cases county teams in order to seek work abroad. The Group have identified that the Connect Ireland Initiative which provides incentives to “connectors” – people who use their contacts around the world to encourage companies/small business to set up in Ireland – as a tool to help bring people back. There is a financial reward for the “connector” per job but the bigger value is the opportunity to help create jobs back in your local county or region.

On the night, Shane Curran, goalkeeper for the St Brigid’s All-Ireland winning club team 2013 and businessman will be the guest speaker along with a panel of experts from each of the other 3 counties. There will also be an insight into how you can get involved in creating jobs in this region by seeing how this has worked for other parts of Ireland. To find out more check out www.leitrim.ie or contact 071 9650496 or nwhyte@leitrimcoco.ie



18-Apr-14 by Leitrim GAA