2017 Refere Recruitment

2017 Referee Recruitment

A Foundation Level training course for New Referees will take place this Friday evening in the Bush Hotel at 7 30pm.

Could all clubs please make every effort to ensure the club has at least one person in attendance on the night.

We need to keep adding new members to our panel of Referees so as to ensure that we have enough referees to cover our games each weekend.

Each weekend when the season is in full swing at underage and adult level, it is a struggle to have enough referees to fulfil our fixtures and ensure that a game does not have to be postponed because of a Scórcity of referees.

All Clubs are required to make a special effort to recruit a new Referee and especially those Clubs who have none.

For further information contact Sean McCartin 0861267414 or Micheal Doherty 0851743293




14-Feb-17 by Declan Bohan – PRO