Club Leadership Development Programme

Club Leadership Development Programme

Club Leadership Development Programme, Bush Hotel, 7pm on Tuesday 18th April Training for all Club Chairpersons, Secretaries, Treasurers and PROs

Programme Overview

The Club Leadership Development Programme is designed to provide GAA Club Officers with the basic knowledge and core leadership skills required to fulfil their roles effectively. 

Officers will learn from trained Leadership Associates who have experience of being a Club Officer and of facilitating training sessions for adults.  Learning will take place in a relaxed training environment in appropriate venues in the participating counties.  All courses involve an initial Induction Module followed by specific modules for each of the core officer roles and involve a lot of learning activities to encourage problem-solving and idea sharing with fellow club officers.  Officers who complete the programme will:

– Gain a better understanding of what their role involves  

– Develop basic leadership, management and communication skills  

– Experience increased role satisfaction  

– Have an awareness of where to access resources and supports  

– Be able to share ideas and solve problems with fellow officers

– Be better prepared for future roles in the Association

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12-Apr-17 by Declan Bohan – PRO