Leitrims Health is Wealth

Leitrims Health is Wealth 

‘Leitrims health is wealth’ is a seminar that will be hosted by Hubert McHugh on the 3rd of May in The Bush Hotel, Carrick on Shannon at 7.30pm.

This event aims to promote positive health and well-being.

‘When I got the news I had been selected as the 2017 Leitrim Guardian Person of the year I was genuinely shocked’, said Hubert McHugh, the current recipient.

He is following in the footsteps of very influential Leitrim men and woman who have been honoured with this award. They have had a major influence in shaping Leitrim in many ways locally, nationally and internationally.

Hubert set about thinking how he might leave a small imprint on the people of Leitrim during this year. While chatting with his colleague Valerie Cogan, the idea of promoting the theme of volunteering and better communication among young people was born.

In his role as Leitrim Guardian Person of the Year for 2017, he hopes that he can instil in our young people the importance of volunteering.  We live in a world where we can communicate with one another like never before.  The Internet, emails, facebook, Instagram, texts, Skype and Snapchat are at our young people’s fingertips and we can’t change that. However, as far as he’s concerned there is nothing to beat the physical contact of a face-to-face conversation.

Hubert feels that we need to show our young generation that there is life beyond technology and if we can all urge our sons, daughters and grandchildren to take the time to just put all of that aside, if only for one hour a day, and TALK to them about the values of conversation and helping others without any financial reward.

Through his work as a community mental health nurse for the past 42 years, the one common denominator that causes the most problems is loneliness and the feeling of isolation. Indeed, some of us know all too well from our own experience just what that is and what it feels like.  Sometimes the most connected people are the most disconnected.

Talk costs nothing.  Helping others costs even less and the satisfaction they get from doing that ‘one good deed’ will encourage them to do more and more.  If that happens we will live in a much better place.

M.C on the night will be former Leitrim footballer Colin Regan who is now the Community and Health Manager with the GAA. Guest speakers on the night will include

– Dr Sutha Murthy, Consultant Psychiatrist with Sligo/Leitrim Mental Health Service. She will be discussing ways in which we can all protect and maintain positive mental health and well-being

– Elenor Shanley our very own internationally renowned singer from Leitrim, who has also volunteered in Africa now for many years.

– Alan O’Mara, former Cavan goalkeeper and author of ‘The best is yet to come’. He will be discussing his experience of suffering with depression and the stigma associated with mental health

– Professor Patricia Casey, Consultant Psychiatrist in The Mater Hospital, Dublin and regular contributer to the Irish Independent. She will be talking on the topic of bullying and cyberbullying.

Mr Tomas Murphy, Director of Nursing with the Sligo/Leitrim Mental Health Service. Tomas will be outlining the suicide reduction plan for Leitrim and the ‘Connecting for Life’ Strategy.

This event is fully supported by the Leitrim GAA County Board and we hope that many of the clubs throughout Leitrim will represented on the night. We also hope that this seminar would be of interest within the school systems, to the senior students, teachers and parents. It is an open to all members of the public. There will be free admission on the night.

Spend time not money!



26-Apr-17 by Community Health and Wellbeing