Leitrim GAA Adult Structures Review 2017

Leitrim GAA Adult Structures Review 2017

Following on from our very successful underage review last year we are now continuing with our commitment to ensuring we have the best possible structures for all our club players. With this in mind, we are holding a club forum on the 16th October to examine our Adult structures within the county. We want every club to have an active say in developing our future. Each club is asked to bring 4 delegates to this forum included in this should be Chairperson/ secretary and at least one adult player.

Please find attached a few pointers for discussion and I would ask all clubs to have their own meeting to discuss so we can get a broad view of what our needs are.  We will also forward a survey for all our club players in the next few days and please forward this to all your players.

I want to thank everyone for the great response to the underage review and would encourage you all to give this forum your full support and together we can make a bright future for us all. Any club who would like to make a submission to Leitrim GAA at secretary.leitrim@gaa.ie in advance the forum it would be more than welcome.

Looking forward to a very successful forum.

Mise le meas,

Traolach O Baoil,

Cathaoirleach Coiste Chontae Liatroma.

2017 Club Forum – Competition Structures

League Competitions

  • Structure of league competition
  • Competitively of games
  • Regularity of games
  • Availability/non-availability of County players for league season
  • Scheduling of games – thoughts regarding midweek games; league finished before club championship and how it can best be achieved; league games remaining after the club championship alternative.
  • The number of League games – do you think that we should reduce the number of teams per division or should we play more games without county players in the current structure.
  • Shield – what are your thoughts regarding the Shield Competition in its current format or is there a better alternative
  • In the ideal situation, a player from a county that is predominantly strong in one code should play between 16 and 20 matches, between league and championship in the stronger code, depending on the number of hurling games provided. What are your thoughts as regards what league structure that this may be best achieved?

Championship Competitions

  • As this has been the first year of the current structure of championship what are your overall views as regards the structure
  • What changes, if any, would you like to see happening that could improve on this structure
  • What are your thoughts regarding changing Under 21 to Under 20 from 2018 forward

Challenges from the point of view of playing games that your Club face in the short or long term future

  • Is First 13 working in order to facilitate a club that is struggling with playing numbers towards having a second team?
  • Is derogation from Rule 6.14 (First 17 Championship teams) in place since 2005 still fit for purpose
  • What views do you have as regards any club’s possible future need to amalgamate
  • Considering that we do not have a bye-law governing amalgamation is this something we need to be preparing for
  • How can we best facilitate the playing future of players who are struggling to be catered for in our current structure