2018 Longford-Leitrim Under 12 Cross County League

This year sees a slight change in the naming of the groups. Instead of divisions, each competition is now called after 2 Senior County Footballers (1 from each County).

Firstly all mentors should view the link below to see what group your team is in (remember some Clubs have 2 teams in different groups so look out for that if your Club is one of those)

Longford Leitrim Participants & Groupings



When you know what group(s) your team(s) are in then follow the below link to find the fixtures and rules relating to that group

Link to all U12 Longford Leitrim Rules & Fixtures



(Scroll down half way to see U12 Mini Leagues)

The fixtures start on Thursday 31st of May with all finals having to be complete by week ending 8th of July


Fixture Changes – As opposed to forwarding revised fixtures every time there is a change we would like to direct you to our live fixtures which can be accessed from the link below.

These fixtures are the most up to date fixtures for all Longford competitions so please look for the Competition Headings.