#LeitrimGAASupportingOthers Rests Overnight

What brilliant day it has been in the #LeitrimGAASupportingOthers as the people of Leitrim and Leitrim people and their friends around the globe joined the Leitrim Players, past and present, officials and supporters, in covering literally thousands of kilometers, whether walking, jogging, running or cycling in aid of our two nominated charities Sláinte 2020 and Pieta House.

The promotional build-up to today has been phenomenal from the usual suspects who gave so many hours in the preparation and promotion. Our gratitude is extended to the Players and Team Management Personnel who kept the push on this as we approached the weekend. We are deeply indebted to you the public who have rallied behind this event to push it well beyond our expectations in terms of contributions, which is what it was all about at the outset. We are very proud of you all!!

However, this is far from finished and will remain open across the remainder of the weekend and next week as there are still people out there whom we know for fact who will only be in a position to complete this tomorrow and across the days ahead. So Brendan Doyle and Brian Blake, and PRO Barbara who have manned this forum ALL of today, you are far from finished! And in mentioning Brendan and Brian,  we have to say the amount of time you, in particular, have invested in what has essentially been a team effort has been phenomenal all week!!

If you would like to join us tomorrow, please keep sending or post your footage to www.facebook.com/LeitrimGAASupportingOthers/

The proceeds of this fundraising will be Sláinte 2020 and Pieta House. Today the fund has just exceeded  €18k and a new target of €20k has been set so let’s join in tomorrow to help reach this magic figure!!

You may make a donation by accessing our Gofundme page at  https://www.gofundme.com/f/leitrim-gaa-supporting-others

To update you on the event we have set up a dedicated Facebook page to which we are encouraging supporters who will hopefully join the event tomorrow to post pictures of your participation in this event. The dedicated page is at  www.facebook.com/LeitrimGAASupportingOthers/

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you again tomorrow!!